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WWF Smackdown! Report for February 28, 2002

-We get right into Smackdown! at the Fleet Center in Boston, Mass. with Cole and King. Triple H and Kane will take on Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle tonight!

-Steph walks backstage and into Triple H's lockerroom, where he is having a conversation with Kane. Kane leaves the room. Steph says his comments were uncalled for. She's looking into slander claims. Trips is sure that you can't bust a guy for telling the truth (uhhh...have you been in America lately, Hunter?). She says his lawyers are unreasonable. Unreasonable? She's getting 50%. She squandered her fortune. 50% is more than fair. Maybe to him. She wants 50% of everything he has until the day he dies. And she always gets what she wants.

Commercial break.

-We see clips of Jericho retaining the title against Angle on RAW.

Kane and Triple H vs. Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho

-The pyros flare as Kane comes out first. Trips comes out second. Angle comes out next. Jericho and Stephanie come out last. Kane and Trips play pinball with Angle. back body drop by Kane to Angle. Angle goes outside. Running knee strike to Jericho. Kurt goes into the steps. Flying forearm to HHH. Clothesline by Triple H. Tag to Kane. Kane tosses Jericho into the air and lets him fall down. Clothesline to Jericho. Missile dropkick to Kane. Tag to Kurt. Big ole slam by Kane. Jericho guillotines Kane on the ropes. Double team. Kane double clotheslines Angle and Jericho. Kane goes for the Tombstone on Angle, but Jericho takes out his knee.

Angle spears Kane's knee. Angle tosses Kane's knee into the pole. Jericho gets in the ring and locks in a knee submission, holding on to Angle for leverage. Tag to Angle. Angle works on Kane's knee. German to Kane. Two spears to Kane's knee. Angle goes for a third spear, but Kane hits a clothesline. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Angle battles out. Kane misses an enziguiri, and Angle locks in the Anglelock. HHH breaks the hold and hits a DDT on Angle. Tag to Jericho, who stops Kane from tagging Triple H. Kane hits a slam on Jericho and tags Triple H. Tag to Angle.

Clotheslines to Angle. Neckbreaker to Jericho. Spinebuster to Angle. Jericho accidently hits an elbow on Angle. Knee to the face of Angle, 1-2-broken by Jericho. Triple H sets up the Pedigree on Angle, but Steph breaks it up. Triple H sets up the Pedigree on Steph, but Jericho hits him with the title. Angle covers for a two count. Anglelock on Triple H. Flying clothesline by Kane. Jericho jumps right into a setup for a chokeslam. Steph hits Kane with a chair. Kane grabs the chair and hits Angle. Pedigree to Angle, 1-2-3!
Here are your winners- Kane and Triple H

End Show.