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WWF Smackdown! Report for February 21, 2002

-We're here in the Rockford Metrocenter in Rockford, IL with Michael Cole and the King.

Kurt Angle vs. Kane

-Kurt Angle comes out and gets on the mic. He yells at the crowd first, telling them not to start with him. He's not in the mood. Last Monday was a travesty. He was robbed of his title shot. He's dying to take out his revenge on anyone. He'll stand in the ring until someone is stupid enough to come out. And he'll give him the kind of pain that only an Olympic medalist can give. He'll go Olympic on his ass. Kane comes out to meet the challange. Kurt takes it to Kane. Kane battles back. Kurt reverses the scoop slam and hits a German suplex. Kurt gets a chair. 1, 2, 3 chairshots to the back of Kane.
Here is your winner via DQ- Kane

-Kane spears Angle out of the ring. Kurt goes into the steps. Kane sets up the table. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Kurt hits a low blow. German suplex through the table by Angle. Another German onto the remains of the table. Some guy gets in the way, and Angle hits a belly to belly on the guy. Chairshots to Kane's ankle. Anglelock! Several referees later, Angle finally lets go and leaves.