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WWF Smackdown! Report for January 24, 2002

-We're here in the N. Charleston Colusseum in South Carolina with Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler for Smackdown!

Kane and Big Show vs. The Dudley Boyz- Table Match

-Kane comes out first, followed by Big Show. The Dudleyz come out last with a table and a hottie. Kane and Sow come down to beat on the Dudleyz. D-Von tosses Show into the steel steps. Kane and Bubba battle in the ring. D-Von gets in the ring so the Dudleyz can hit an inverted 3D. Clothesline and headbutt by Big Show to the Dudleyz. Big Show sets up a table. Kane moves the table as the Dudleyz hit a flapjack on the Big Show. Clothesline, sidewalk slam, and a big boot by Kane. Kane goes up top, but Show accidently knocks him down. Big ole chokeslam by Big Show to D-Von, but Bubba moves the table. Big Show accidently tosses Bubba into Kane, who falls off the apron and through a table.
Here are your winners- The Dudley Boyz

-After the match, Kane gets in Show's face. A whole bunch of refs and Sgt. Slaughter eventually break them up, and Kane leaves.