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WWF Smackdown! Report for January 17, 2002

-We're in the Century Tel Center in Louisiana with Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler for Smackdown!

Rikishi vs. Christian and Lance Storm- Handicap Over the Top Rope Match

-Rikishi comes out first, then Christian, and finally Lance Storm. Storm and Christian charge and double team Rikishi. Double clothesline by Rikishi. Sunset flip by Christian, but Lance hits the spinning heel kick before Rikishi can sit on Christian. Double team. Samoan drop to Storm. Rikishi backs it up on Storm. Clothesline to Christain. Stinkface to Storm. Superkick by Rikishi knocks Storm over the top. Christian fails to push Rikishi over the top. Storm grabs Rikishi's leg, but Rikishi just tosses Christian over the top onto Storm.
Here is your winner- Rikishi

-After the match, Big Show comes out. Clothesline to Rikishi. Samoan drop to Big Show. Rikishi tries to pick Show up, but can't. Show picks Rikishi up and drops him over the top rope. Acolytes come out. Bradshaw clotheslines Big Show over the top rope. Bradshaw starts to throw Farooq over, but Farooq stops him. Bradshaw jokes with Farooq and they shake hands. Farooq tries to toss Bradshaw over. They argue, and Kane comes out. Double shoulderblock to Kane. Clothesline to Farooq. Kane tosses Bradshaw over, then Farooq.

Commercial break.