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WWF Smackdown! Report for January 10, 2002

-At Madison Square Garden in New York City with Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler for Smackdown!

Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

-Kurt Angle comes out first, then comes Austin. Austin stares Angle down and flicks him off. Austin and Angle lock up. Side head lock by Austin. Austin takes Angle down and continues the hold. Shoulderbock by Austin and another takedown and side head lock. Austin grabs Angle's legs and takes him down. Elbows to Angle's knee. Shoulder block by Angle. Austin tosses Angle over the top rope. Chops by Austin. Austin tosses Angle back in the ring and Angle takes it to Austin with chips. Chops by Austin. Angle misses the spear and rams right into the post. Austin tosses Angle, shoulder first, into the post and the steps. Angles goes back in the ring. Running knee strikes by Angle. Shoulder spears in the corner by Angle, but Angle hits a spear. Overhead belly to belly by Angle, 1-2-kickout. Shoudlerblock by Angle. Austin picks Angle up and tosses him onto the ropes. Double axe handle by Austin. Clothesline by Austin. Austin reverses the German and hits two German suplexes of his own. Angle hits two German suplexes. Austin goes for a German, but Angle hits a low blow and a clothesline. A beautiful moonsault by Angle! Angle covers, but only gets two! Austin goes for the kick, but Angle locks in the Anglelock! Austin reverses into a cover, but Angle kicks out after two. Austin counters the Angle Slam and hits the Stunner! Kane comes down and chokeslams Austin! Here is your winner: No Contest (He's really good...yeah, I know that was a really lame joke)

-After the match, Angle admires Kane's work. Kane chokeslams Angle too! Big Show comes down to the ring and goes at it with Kane. Big Show chokeslams Kane! Triple H! It's Triple H! Triple H stares down Big Show and then goes at it with him. Show goes for a clothesline, but Triple H low blows him and hits a clothesline. Show still stands, and Triple H hits another low blow and a Pedigree! Triple H poses as Undertaker comes onto the ramp. They stare down.

End Show.