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WWF Smackdown! Report for March 28, 2002

-The SmackDown! video rolls and the pyro explodes, and we are not exactly LIVE from Philly for the last full-roster SmackDown! Tonight, Rock, Hogan, and Kane will take on the nWo.

In the back, Rock and Hogan talk about how this is their last chance at whooping the nWo's candy-asses. Hogan reminds Rock that they have Kane with them tonight. He's been in the ring with a lot of scary dudes, but Kane is the scariest. He asks Rock if they can trust Kane. Rock says he ain't King Kong Bundy, or KAMALA! WHOO! UMBELE!!! But he is one Big Red Ass-Kicking Machine.

Kane comes in. Rock tells Hogan that Kane is scary, but not scared. He asks Kane if he's ready to whoop it. Kane says he's ready, and asks Rock if he's ready. IT DOESN'T MATTER IF HE'S READY! Kane tells them that it doesn't matter if it's the millions of Rock fans, or twenty thousand Hulkamaniacs, or twenty thousand Kanenites. The question remains: what are Hall, Nash, and X-Pac gonna do when The People's Champ, The Hulkster, and The Big Red Machine run wild on them?!?

Kane does all the poses and walks off, successfully completing one of the most hilarious scenes in WWF history. Plus it had Kamala. Any scene with Kamala is automatically golden. But that was just hilarious. Fade Out.

Kane, Hulk Hogan & Rock vs. nWo

-Hogan comes out, guitaring all the way. The the new comedic genius known as Kane makes his way down. And finally, the Rock comes back to Philadelphia. Then the nWo come on down.

Rock and X-Pac start, with Rock locking in a side headbutt. Shoulder block by Rock, then an armdrag, and another into a shoulder wrench. X-Pac fires back, but Rock hits a belly-belly 1-2-kickout. Spinning heel kick by Pac. Tag to Hall. Scott throws the toothpick at Rock, but Rock fires back with a clothesline 1-2-kickout. Rock goes for a crossbody, but Hall catches him and hits a fallaway slam 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Nash. Knees by Kevin Nash, then elbows. He gives Rock a crotch-chop, but Rock explodes out, only to be nailed in the ribs.

Tag to Hall. Exchange of punches, and Rock hits a spinebuster. Tag to Hogan. Punches by Hogan. Punch to Pac and Nash. Double clothesline to Pac and Hall. Hogan tosses Pac over the top and hits Scott with the Big Boot. Leg drop by Hulk 1-2-broken by Nash. Tag to Nash. Knockdown punches by Nash, then a sidewalk slam 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to X-Pac. Kicks in the corner by Pac. Tag to Hall. Hall locks Hogan in a sleeper. Hogan drops to the mat, and the ref raises the arm. Down once, twice, thri--no!

Hogan works up and elbows out. Back suplex by Hogan, and both men go down. Tag to Kane. Kane goes up and hits Hall with the flying clothesline. Tilt-a-whirl-slam to X-Pac. Kane hits Nash off the apron and hits Hall with a sidewalk slam. Big Boot to Nash, and a clothesline that sends Pac over the top. Nash hits Kane with a boot, but Rock attacks and punches him over the top. X-Pac runs in and looks for the Bronco Buster on Kane, but Kane reaches up and grabs him in a choke. Chokeslam to X-Pac 1-2-3!