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WWF RAW Report for February 18, 2002

- The pyro flares and the crowd roars.

WrestleMania Moment: Kane Tombstones Pete Rose. The first of many times.

Mr. Perfect vs. Kane

-As Mr. Perfect comes out, JR announces that in tonight's Main Event, Steph will not be the ref, and if she interferes, Triple H wins automatically. Perfect says it's great to be back in the WWF. As he looks at the people and the crowd, he sees Brian Urlacher of the Chicago Bears. It was almost a "perfect" season, but they failed in the playoffs. The Bears lost; Perfect wins. They, like his WWF opponents, are imperfect.

BOOM! Kane marches down the ramp and into the ring to take on Mr. Perfect. Kane elbows Perfect back and shoulder blocks him down. Big Boot by Kane, then an uppercut that sends Perfect outside. Perfect smashes Kane into the ringpost and chops away. Back in the ring, Perfect hits a clothesline and a flipping snapmare. Kane sits up and locks in the choke. Perfect chops his way out and goes for the PerfectPlex, but can't get him up. Clothesline by Kane, followed with the sidewalk slam. Kane goes up top and hits the flying clothesline. He locks in the choke again and Chokeslams Perfect down 1-2-3!