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WWF RAW Report for January 28, 2002

- The video rolls and the pyros explode, as we are underway LIVE from Richmond, Virginia.

Kane vs. Big Show

-BOOM! The fires of hell erupt, as Kane comes out for his grudge match, after eliminating Big Show from the Rumble, only to be conincidentally cost matches by the aforementioned Show, who also makes his way out. Show gets in the ring and immediately shoves Kane away. Knees and clubs to the back by Show. Show hits a clothesline, but Kane sits right up. Show hits an elbow drop 1-2-shoulder up. Stomps by Show, followed with a sidewalk slam 1-2-shoulder up. Show locks in a sleeper, but Kane fights out and punches away. Clothesline by Kane, but Show isn't phased. Show hits Kane with a Big Boot, but misses the splash in the corner. Kane reaches down and manages to hit Show with a clean scoop slam! Kane calls for the end and goes up top for the Flying Clothesline, but Show catches him and hits the Show Stopper 1-2-shoulder up! Show goes for an elbow drop, but Kane rolls away. Show hits a back elbow, but Kane locks in his choke. Show elbows out, but then Kane elbows him as well. Big Boot by Kane, which allows him to hit the Chokeslam 1-2-3!