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WWF RAW Report for January 21, 2002

- The usual RAW fireworks went off and Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler kicked off the show on commentary!

We open with a tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr before the WWF video. Following that is the Royal Rumble history video, with all the greatest of moments.

In the back, Big Show comes into Kane's room. They stare each other down. Show says that what happened to him at the Rumble had never happened to him before. He wants to shake Kane's hand. They do, during which Show says that it will never happen again. As Show leaves, Billy and Chuck come in. They say that since Kane obviously likes red, and since they love red, they got him a present: a headband with Kane on it. Chuck goes to put it on, but Kane forces him back. As Billy tries to yell at Kane, Chuck spears Kane into the door and they beat him down..

Chuck & Billy vs. Kane & Big Show

-As Kane comes out, Chuck and Billy decide they don't want any and run up the ring. Mid-way up, Big Show comes out and clotheslines them both down. In the ring, Kane and Chuck start off, with Kane clotheslining Billy over the top. Big boot to Chuck. Tag to Show, who headbutts Chuck down. Tag to Billy. Clothesline to Billy. He lifts Billy for a scoop slam, but drops him to hit Chuck down. Kane goes up top, as Show runs off the ropes, knocking Kane off the top. Billy hits the FameAssEr on Show, while Chuck holds Show's legs down over the apron 1-2-3!