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WWF RAW Report for November 4, 2002
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RAW is live from the FleetCenter in Boston, Massachusetts tonight!

A lot of talk and speculation about the Elimination Chamber Match features heavily tonight. The Survivor Series match for the World Heavywight Championship title will feature Booker T, Jericho, Kane, RVD and Triple H with an invite issued to HBK. Triple H spends a good deal of mic time telling HBK why he shouldn't accept the invite, and declaring he will walk out of the match still World Champ.

Booker T comes out, asking for someone to tell him that Trips didn't just say that. The way he sees it, Trips can handle Shawn Michaels later. But tonight, and right now, he's going to have to deal with the Five-Time, Five-Time, Five-Time, Five-Time, Five-Time WCW Champion. Trips says he may have been a five-time WCW Champ, but this is today, and this is now. Now, Booker can't even hold Triple H's jockstrap. Booker walks into the ring, saying he's sick of seeing Triple H walk, sick of hearing him talk, and most of all, sick of seeing the Title belt on Triple H. Booker gets all up in Trips' grill, saying that he may think he runs this show, but he does not run Booker T. Come Survivor Series, Booker is thinking one thing: don't hate the player; hate The Game. Now can you dig that, sucka?

The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and out comes Tag Team Champ Chris Jericho. He says he's sick of Booker saying "sucker." He's sick of being called a sucker, because Chris
Jericho is not a sucker. Jericho walks down the ring, screaming at the fans that he is not a sucker. He will prove it at Survivor Series. Not only will he beat Triple H to once again become Champion, he will eliminate Booker T himself. What, Booker thinks he's better than Jericho? More entertaining than Jericho? Why, because he can do the Spinaroonie? That's no match for the Jericho Juke n' Jive. Jericho moves his feet like a boxer. He may not like Triple H, but tonight when they team up, it will be Booker who is the sucker. Like he is right now - because right now Booker T stands for Booker Trapped. Trips nails Booker from behind and Jericho hits the ring. They stomp away on Booker until Kane - The Big Red Machine runs down and clears the ring. Fade Out.

They show a quick video about the Elimination Chamber in blue-print form. It really looks complicated and treacherous!

We find an F-View camera watching Jericho as he leaves. Triple H and Flair call him over. Trips says that Jericho had better look out for HBK tonight, because Shawn is going to get involved in their match, whether it's Trips or Jericho he attacks. Jericho laughs it off and asks if Bischoff is giving Steph the ol' Three Minute Warning. They walk off, and we see HBK watching from a room down the hall. Fade Out.

In a cargo hold area, Goldust come s up to a pacing Kane and congratulates him on being tag team partners with Booker T, then what he feels about it. Kane says he thinks he needs to leave him alone and turns to leave. Goldust grabs Kane by the arm and asks him to wait. Kane gives a questioning look at Goldie's hand on him, which the Dream Shatterer removes. Goldust says he has been banned from ringside, but from one freak to another, maybe Kane should loosen up, get his freak on. He shows Kane some breathing excercises and tells him to try it, but Kane grabs a hold of Goldie's throat and slams him into a fence. Choking Goldust, Kane gets up in his face and asks what part of 'leave me alone' did he not understand!

As Goldie sputters, Booker comes up asks what's goin on. Kane glares at Booker but keeps a hold on Goldie's throat. Booker tells "Kane-o" that at Survivor Series they're gonna be opponents, but tonight they're partners. Kane relinquishes his prey and steps toward Booker T who says Triple H is going around telling lies on Kane, everybody knows that. Triple H is just playing mind games
on Kane. Booker says he needs Kane focused with both feet on the ground tonight, if he can dig it. Kane growls can dig it and walks off camera as Booker turns to Goldie asking if he's all right. Kane pops back in with his hand held up, imitating Booker yelling "SUCKA"!!!! Goldust jumps, Booker grins as Kane leaves and then exchanges a knowing smile with Goldie.

In a hallway backstage, Shawn Michaels walks down the hall and passes Triple H's dressing room. He stops steps back to the door and ponders before smiling michieviously and walking on. Fade Out.

Booker T & Kane vs. Chris Jericho & Triple H - Non Title
Jericho and HHH enter first, then Booker T followed by Kane. Booker and Kane stand at the bottom end of the entrance ramp as Kane's theme plays, while HHH and Jericho posture inside the ring. As Kane and Booker move to the ring, Triple H and Y2J exit, standing outside working strategy.

Booker and Jericho start off, with Jericho chopping away. Mounted choke by Jericho, but Booker hits a reverse thrust kick. Chops by Booker, then a back elbow. Jericho brings Booker down and tags in Triple H. Punches by Triple H, but Booker fights back, hitting a running clothesline. Another clothesline by Booker. Tag to Kane and to Jericho.

Kane greets Jericho with a Big Boot.
Jericho tries to battle Kane into the corner, but Kane applies a double-handed choke. Punches by Kane, then elbows in the corner. Jericho hits a boot and then a missile dropkick 1-2-shoulder up. Kane press slams Jericho, then knocks down Trips. He again presses Jericho, but Trips chops his knee out from under him. Trips pulls Kane to the corner then distracts the ref, allowing Jericho to nail Kane in the leg with a chair. Trips applies a leglock, then tags in Jericho. Jericho places Kane's leg on the ropes, then jumps up and down on it. Jericho chops Kane's leg out from under him. He goes for the move again, but this time Kane clotheslines him down. Tag to Triple H.

Trips stomps on Kane's injured knee, then smashes it into the mat. Trips takes a cue from his mentor Ric Flair and applies a Figure Four. Tag to Jericho. Jericho goes for a bulldog, but Kane picks him up and slams him down. Tag to Triple H, who keeps Kane from tagging out. They go for a double suplex, but Kane blocks and suplexes the two of them himself. Tag to Booker T.

Booker nails Trips, then Jericho, then Trips, then Jericho. Back body drop to Jericho, then a roll-up on Trips 1-2-shoulder up.
Whiplash powerbomb on Jericho, then he punches Flair off the apron. Heel kick to Triple H, giving him time to hit the Spinaroonie. Double clothesline by Booker, then another to Flair. He knocks Jericho out of the ring and hits the Scissors Kick on Triple H 1-2-broken by Jericho. Jericho takes Booker down and rolls him over for the Walls of Jericho, but Kane goes up top and clotheslines into him. On the outside, Jericho drop toe-holds Kane into the stairs, knocking him out for the rest of the match.

In the ring, Trips whips Booker, who in turn knocks Hebner off the apron. Booker goes up top, but Trips sidesteps the flying kick. He sets Booker for a Pedigree, but Shawn Michaels runs down and plants Triple H with Sweet Chin Music. He rolls Hebner back in before he leaves, allowing Booker to get the 1-2-3!

HBK gets a mic on the stage. Long time, no see Boston. It's great to see them again. He starts to leave, but then remembers he has a question to answer. Last week, Bischoff invited him to be a part of the Elimination Chamber match, to have a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. Hmmm. HBK, Surivor Series, First-ever Elimination Chamber Match, Main Event, Madison Square Garden, World Heavyweight Title? Yes! It's been four years since HBK has been in Madison Square Garden, but this time he's going to leave it World Heavyweight Champion.