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WWF RAW Report for October 28, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- Monday Night RAW comes LIVE from the Joe Luis Arena, Detroit, Michigan!

We start with blue flashing lights and mournful organ music playing, as we see a casket sits ringside. The Raw music video plays, but rather than pyro, we are greeted with Triple H's music. We last saw him in Kane's trunk, but now he stands triumphant on the stage, World Title belt in hand.

Triple H sets up a chair in the middle of the ring, saying he has a little message for Kane: next time you stuff someone in the trunk of a car, make sure it doesn't have one of those child-safety latches on the inside that allows easy escape.

Trips says that a lot of people were seriously offended by what he did last week, and if you were one of those people, he really didn't give a hoot. He will do whatever it takes...

The lights go out, before the emergence of The Hurricane on the stage. Hurricane
says Triple H seems to be in a good mood, but last week when Raw went off the air, he was not laughing. Now he is all smiles and all giggles? Wassupwitdat?

Trips says that nothing is up, because nothing happened. He pulled the latch, jumped out, and got away.

Oh is that so? Well then perhaps he can explain the footage from a local hospital later that night of Triple H in the operating room.

Video rolls of someone on an operating table with a cardboard Triple H mask on. The doctors are operating on his lower-half, and they pull out a sledgehammer, a long string of handkerchiefs, and a hand! Here comes something else. It's...a squirrel! The doctors begin to chisel, and pull out the shift mechanism from a car. More chiseling, and now the steering wheel is removed! 'Triple H' begins to yeowl and the doctors tell him to "let it go" and they pull out...a Triple H mask!

We come back live, and Triple H, is totally upset, throwing an all out tantrum in and out of the ring!

BOOM! The fires of hell explode and Kane storms the ring. He spears Trips and starts with mounted punches. He pounds away on Trips until Security comes down. He tosses all the guards out of the way, but this allows Triple H to take him down.

Bischoff appears on stage, motioning for the officials to come down. They pry Triple H off Kane, but Kane takes advantage and pounds on Trips. Finally a group of wrestlers come down and seperate the two.

Bischoff tells them that this is it. If they are so determined to beat the hell out of each other, they're going to do it right here tonight. And to go along with their recent actions, it will be a Casket Match! Triple H is horrified while Kane lets a sinsiter grin slid slowly and fully over his face.

Sometime later, backstage, Coach finds Kane and tells him that Bischoff told him that tonight's main event is non-title. Kane said it doesn't matter. He gives that tummy tumblin' spine tingling grin again then tells Coach tonight is about locking Triple H in an air-tight casket.

Coach later goes to find and ask Triple H about Kane's comments. Trips doesn't usually admit things like this, but he's scared of Kane tonight. He goes on to say he only wants to kick Kane's butt, and nothing else.

Coach asks Trips' reaction to Shawn Michaels' fast recovery and words for him. Trips says the chairshots he gave Shawn were beautiful, and there's no way Michaels will be able to fight again.

The phone rings and Trips goes back in the ring. The F-View camera again rolls, and we spy on Trips, who commands someone to hurry up and get to the arena. He doesn't care about Michaels, but he's under some pressure in the Casket Match with Kane tonight.

Back live in the arena, Raw GM Eric Bischoff comes down to his ring. He loves the people, and coming to Survivor Series will be the Elimination Chamber. It will take six Raw superstars, put them in a match with elements from the Royal Rumble, Survivor Series, and his personal favorite: War Games. And of course it will be for the World Title. What Superstars could be worthy of such a match? How about Triple H, Chris Jericho, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, and Shawn Michaels! The first five are Raw talent and must be in it. Michaels has one week to accept or decline.

Casket Match - Non Title
- Triple H vs. Kane

Kane starts with the advantage, taking Triple H down repeatedly, pounding him into the corner and stomping away. Chops by Kane, then a powerslam. The refs open the casket and Kane tries to roll Trips inside. Trips grabs the ropes to keep from going in, but Kane Big Boots him into the casket, but Trips jumps out before the lid closes.

Powerslam by Kane, who then whips Trips over the top, to the outside. Trips nails Kane with the ringbell, then whips him into the stairs. Back in the ring, Trips applies mounted punches. Exchange of punches, with Kane getting the better, only to run into a spinebuster by Triple H.

Kane sits up, but Trips hits him with the knee and a DDT. Trips calls for the casket and drags Kane over. He pushes Kane, but the Big Red Machine punches Trips away. He goes up top, but Trips 'buckles' him. Trips goes up and hits a superplex.
Again he rolls Kane towards the coffin and pushes him inside.

Kane's legs are hanging outside the casket so the lid won't close. Trips goes to push him totally inside, but Kane catches him with a choke. They battle back into the ring, where Kane again applies a choke. Trips kicks out and looks for a Pedigree, but Kane back body drops him.

Kane lifts Trips for a powerslam and calls for the casket to be opened. He runs to slam Triple H, but the Game jumps onto Kane's back and applies a sleeper hold. Kane goes down but the encouragement of the crowd revives him and he breaks the hold, sits up. Trips tries punches to the face, but they only revive Kane further. Kane throws knockdown punches and hits a Big Boot. Clothesline in the corner, then a sidewalk slam. Kane goes up top and hits the flying clothesline. He locks in a choke, but Triple H lowblows him.

Trips goes outside and grabs a chair. He nails Kane with the chair, but Kane sits up. Trips lamms the sitting Kane in the face with a chair again. Kane is laid out cold and HHH leans down to drag Kane, when Shawn Michaels pops up suddlenly and takes out Triple H, then nails him with Sweet Chin Music! Kane rises, picks Triple H up with a choke, then chokeslams him down. He rolls him into the coffin and closes the lid for the victory!

Kane lights the post and walks up the ramp, posing for the SCREAMING fans, while HBK dances in the ring and then on top of Triple H's coffin.