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WWF RAW Report for October 21, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- RAW is presented to us LIVE from the Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, Tennessee!

We start with a video repcap of Triple H's victory over Kane at No Mercy, then come LIVE to Nashville, Tennesee, where the World Champion Triple H walks to the ring, accompanied by Ric Flair.

Triple H has a message for all the boys in the back, all the fans, all the "writers" that said he did not deserve to be handed the World Championship. He really doesn't care..

He has defeated every person who has stepped in the ring, and last night, he ended 23 years of Intercontinental Title history. He does what he wants, when he wants, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do about it. The reality is, he can do it because he is untouchable in the wrestling world.

Not only is he deserving of holding the World Champion, he might be the greatest World Champion of all time. Beating Kane last night was just, well it's kind of like one more nail in a cofffin. And speaking coffins, Kane isn't here yet. Triple H hopes he hasn't gotten into a car accident and killed someone yet.

Kane probably just doesn't want to come and team up with RVD to face Triple H and Ric Flair. Either that, or Kane heard that Triple H has "the videotape." Triple H says after seeing this vid you'll never look at Kane the same way again.

Hurricane Helms runs into the ring and takes out Flair. Triple H tries to take him down, but Helms gets around him and hits a neckbreaker. Helms grabs the videotape and tries to leave, but Triple H cuts him off and rams him into the stairs. It's not going to matter what Helms does or if Kane shows up. Triple H is going to show the tape, and when he does, the issue with Kane will be dead.

Outside, later,Triple H goes to the production truck and tells them not to play the tape until he tells them to.

In the back, Terri tells us that she is standing by Kane's dressing room and will hope to have a few words after Triple H shows whatever he has on the video.

In the back, Coach asks Triple H why he's doing all this. Trips basically answers that he can.

After a most disgusting tape has played, Triple H laughs hysterically, saying that ought to show the freak. Elsewhere, Terri tries to get in Kane's room, but he slams shut the door.

Out in the parking area, Coach begins talking to Show about his victory when Bischoff runs up to him. He says Show has been traded and has wrestled his last match on Raw. As Show walks off, in the background, Helms backs a car up and pops the trunk.

Triple H and Ric Flair vs. Kane and Rob Van Dam
Kane and Trips begin fighting in one corner, while RVD and Flair battle in the other. RVD and Kane begin victorious, and Kane clotheslines both opponents, then whips RVD into Triple H. He clotheslines Triple H over the top and follows, while in the ring, Flair gets in some chops.

RVD with a step-over heel kick by RVD, while on the outside, Kane slams Trips onto the stairs. In the ring, RVD slams Flair down and hits Rolling Thunder 1-2-shoulder up. Springboard sidekick by RVD. Flair and RVD take their action outside, while Kane and Triple H come into the ring.

Kane gets on the apron, so Trips shoulder blocks him off and onto the security barrier. RVD comes into the ring and htis a spinning heel kick. He goes up top, but Flair pushes him off and onto the security barrier.

Outside, Triple H whips RVD into the stairs, then Flair does the same. Back in the ring, Triple H pins RVD 1-2-shoulder up. Suplex by Triple H 1-2-kickout. Tag to Flair.

Flair takes RVD down towards the apron, where Triple H gets in cheap shots. Back elbow by Flair, who tags in Triple H. Trips gets in shots and pins, but it is broken by Kane. Tag to Flair.

Punches by Flair, then stomps in the corner. Tag to Triple H, who goes for a suplex, but RVD floats over and rolls Trips up 1-2-shoulder up. Clothesline by Trips to slow RVD, then a sleeper to slow him even more.

Flair tags in as RVD begins to gain momentum, but Flair elbows him down. Ric goes up top, but RVD tosses him off the turnbuckles. Spinning heel kick by RVD, who crawls towards the corner, but Flair grabs him. Tag to Triple H.

Punches in the corner by Triple H, but RVD hits a springboard sidekick. RVD crawls and tags in Kane, but Flair distracted Hebner, who claims the tag never happened. While Kane argues with Hebner, Triple H rams RVD into the ringpost. Flair pins 1-2-shoulder up. Kneedrop by Flair 1-2-shoulder up.

High kick by RVD, which allows him to finally tag in Kane. Kane goes up top and hits a flying clothesline on Triple H, then a big boot. Back body drop to Flair and a sidewalk slam to Triple H. Flair lays in with chops, but The Big Red Machine just pushes him away and locks in a choke. He grabs Triple H as well, but Trips kicks him in the groin. Double clothesline by Kane. RVD goes up top, and Kane tags him in, only for Flair to 'buckle him.

Outside, Triple H continues to assault Kane. Hebner low blows RVD and hits a back suplex. Meanwhile, Triple H and Kane are fighting up the ramp and onto the stage. Kane rams Triple H into one of the screens, while in the ring, RVD cradles Flair 1-2-kickout.

Back elbow by RVD, who goes up top for a flying kick. Rolling Thunder by RVD, followed up with the Five Star 1-2-3!

We cut to the back, where Kane rams Triple H into a door and over a table. He beats him back through the interview area and into the parking area, yelling to HHH "You wanna make funna me! You wanna peice a me!", and over to the car that Helms had parked earlier. Kane slams him into a soda machine and then a door. Trips manages to get up and smashes Kane's head onto the carhood and looks for a Pedigree, but Kane trips him and catapults him onto the car. Chokeslam onto the hood of the car.

Kane picks up Triple H like a sack a manure and dumps him unceremoniously in the trunk of the car, which Hurricane shuts. Kane tells him to leave before this goes down. Kane pounds on the trunk and says that now he's going to screw Triple H. The only question is, will it be while he's alive, or after he's already dead? With that, Kane gets into the car and drives out of the arena.