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WWF RAW Report for October 21, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- We start with video of Triple H's allegation that Kane murdered a woman named Katie Fick a decade ago. Back LIVE at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As Kane and the Hurricane leave their dressing room, Coach comes up, and despite Helms' warnings not to, asks Kane if he will respond to Triple H's accusation. Kane grabs Coach and growls that it's none of his business.

WWE Tag Team Championship
-Kane & The Hurricane (c) vs. Chris Jericho & Christian

The Raw video plays, but before we get any pyro, we stand back, because the Hurri-Kanes are coming through. Following them is Christian. The Y2J Countdown hits 0.00, and out comes the Ayatollah, Chris Jericho.

Before Jericho gets down the ramp, Booker T runs out and attacks him from behind. Christian makes the save until referees can pry Booker off. Kane comes up and stomps on Christian and pulls him into the ring.

In the ring, Helms take out Christian and Kane press slams Jericho out of the ring on top of him. Helms sommersaults over the ropes onto both of them. Back in the ring, Helms pins Christian 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Kane.

Punches in the corner by Kane, then a double-handed choke. Kane misses the elbow drop, but Kane grabs Christian and tosses him into Jericho. Powerslam by Kane 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Helms.

Christian whips Helms, and Jericho low bridges the ropes, causing the Hurricane to fly to the outside. Jericho smashes Helms into the security barrier. Back in the ring, Jericho and Christian stomp away on Helms.

Jericho hits a suplex on Helms and tags in Christian. Stomps by Christian, then a blatant choke. Back elbow by Helms, then the flipping neckbreaker from the second rope. Tag to Jericho.

Helms flips over Jericho's back and bulldogs him, then tags in Kane. Clothesline after clothesline by Kane, then a back bodydrop. Big Boot to Christian, then a sidewalk slam to Jericho. Kane goes up top and nails Jericho with a flying clothesline, then tosses Christian over the top.

Punches and stomps by Kane, who then bullies the ref. Christian tries to nail him with the Title belt, but Nick Patrick takes it away, allowing Christian to kick Kane where it most hurts. Jericho hits a missile dropkick 1-2-shoulder up.

Double clothesline by Kane, who tags in Helms. Helms goes up top and Kane tosses him across the ring onto Jericho 1-2-broken by Christian. Again Kane tosses Christian over the top, but this time he follows.

Outside, Kane nails Christian onto the stairs and then tries to smash the stairs onto Christian before he can roll away. Kane battles Christian up the ramp.

In the ring, Helms gets his knees up to block a Lionsault. Jericho goes for the Walls, but Helms inside cradles him. Jericho rolls the hold over and uses the ropes for leverage for the 1-2-3! By cheating, Christian and Jericho are the new Tag Team Champions!

Later backstage, Kane is pounding on things, while Helms tries to calm him down. Kane says he doesn't give a damn about the Tag Titles. He just wants to be left alone. Helms leaves, but Terri walks up and sits down. She doesn't like seeing him like this. Whatever is bottled up inside, he needs to let out. He just lost the Tag Titles, and there's no way he can beat Triple H in this frame of mind. He needs to tell the people his story. Kane agrees and walks to the ring.

We come back to find Kane in the ring. Katie Fick was a friend of his, and she is dead. But it was an accident. He is not a murderer. Katie and he were friends back when he first started wrestling. She was probably the only one who cared that he was getting beat up. He cared about her too.

They went to a party, Kane goes on to say, and Katie had too much to drink. He decided to drive her home. He wasn't familiar with driving stick-shift, but Katie insisted they take her car. It was dark and the roads were slick. An animal jumped in front of them and he swerved to avoid it. The car spun out of control and crashed. He broke his arm. She was killed instantly.

It was an accident, but he has to live with it. He has to live with it everyday. The only thing he can say is what he said to Katie's parents: he's sorry.

Triple H comes out and says that Kane told a good story, but it wasn't the truth. He made more nasty accusations trying to rile Kane and the fans up. The cameras fade to commercial as Kane stood in the ring giving Triple H a most confused look.

Cameras fade in backstage where Helms catches up with Kane who's got his travel bag and is stalking out. Helms tries to reason with Kane, but he says that if he stays, he'll do something he will regret. With that, Kane leaves the arena.

As we come back, inside the arena, Eric Bischoff is in the ring. He tells the fans that no matter what frame of mind he is in, Kane will definately be facing Triple H at No Mercy, Intercontinental vs. World Titles, winner takes all. And it will be the last time we will ever see the Intercontinental Title.

So with that in mind, Eric has brought the very first IC Champ, Montreal's own, Pat Patterson! Patterson comes out and into the ring. He speaks to his fans in French, because they're Canadians and they're too good for English.

Bischoff rolls a video of all the great IC Title moments, from Patterson to Honky Tonk Man to British Bulldog to Razor and Shawn to Rocky to Owen to Stone Cold to Warrior. Then we cut to the Owen Hart piledriver of Stone Cold and Austin's Title reign and his feud with Rocky over the Title. We cut to the Jeff Jarrett and Chyna feud, as well as Jericho and Angle, and then close with some of today's superstars, Kane included holding the Title.

Later on, we have a Lumberjack Match - RVD vs Triple H . . . Triple H tries to stack the odds in his favor by locking the wrestlers designated as the 'Lumberjacks' in a closet and chosing his own kind to take their place. As the match wears on, the Booker T emerges on the ramp followed by the original guys and all heck breaks loose! As HHH and Flair continue to cheat their way through the match . . .

Kane emerges on stage and beats a path into the ring. He knocks Flair away and locks in a choke on Trips. Flair runs at him, but Kane chokes him down too. He has both men kneeling before him as he grips their necks, then Flair delivers a low blow to Kane that has him staggering back! Chris Nowinski hits him from behind, allowing Flair and Triple H to run up the ramp. Chokeslam to Nowinski, then to D'Lo, and others. Rosie and Jamal come in and have some success, but the Kane boots them both down and chokeslams them both! Kane lights the ringposts, but Triple H, way up on the stage, looks utterly afraid and hugs his Title close as the camers pan back to an enraged KANE still in the ring.