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WWF RAW Report for October 07, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- We start with a special Las Vegas opening, promoting tonight's Raw Roulette theme. Eric Bischoff is backstage and he welcomes us to Raw Roulette. Every match will be determined by the Raw Roulette wheel. Vegas offers lust, greed, unpredictability, and that's what this wheel provides. And with a flick of the wrist, we will find what tonight's first match will be. Bischoff spins the wheel, which lands on... Steel Cage Match! The Raw video plays, the pyros explode, and we are LIVE from the Thomas & Mack Center in Sin City, Las Vegas!

Bischoff tells Kane and Hurricane that he hopes they don't end up like Booker. And now Kane is Tag Champ and IC Champ, and at No Mercy he wants to get the World Title? That's quite greedy, but in Las Vegas, greed has consequences. They're going to defend the Tag Titles tonight, but in what kind of match? Bischoff spins the wheel, which lands on... TLC Match!

In the back, Terri asks Jericho why he attacked Booker T for no reason. Jericho says he did have a reason: he's sick of being overlooked by the jackasses here. Goldust says that Fozzy sucks, and then Booker T calls him a sucka, which causes him to lose the IC Title to Kane? This is what happens when people don't respect him. He was the first Undisputed Champion, and he's also a very unbalanced and dangerous individual. But he is not a sucka.

Through out the first segment we're shown Christian, Bubba and Heff Hardy trying to find suitable Tag partners.

Backstage, Terri asks Kane if he will be at a disadvantage at No Mercy after having gone through a TLC Match tonight. Kane says he's actually happy, for the first time in his life. He has a chance to be the first man to hold the Tag Titles, IC Title, and World Title at the same time. He knows he can do it, and Triple H knows he can do it. He can be in all the TLC Matches you want, and Triple H can make all the threats he wants, but he will do this. Coach comes up and tells them that Triple H and Flair are beating up Hurricane.

We cut to another backstage area where, indeed, Triple H and Flair are in fact beating up on Hurricane. Kane gets there and helps the referees pull Triple H off Helms.

WWE Tag Team Championship Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match
-Chris Jericho and Christian vs. Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley vs. Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy vs. Kane and The Hurricane

The three challenging teams come to the ring. They all have pretty entrances and fancy music. Production values are sky high, and everyone is happy. Kane comes out, but Hurricane does not follow.

Everyone attacks Kane to begin, but he systematically takes them all out. Finally Jeff and RVD get the idea to double team him, which works reasonably well. Christian and Jericho set up a ladder and try to get the Titles while everyone is fighting, but the Dudleys pull them down.

Kane tosses Jeff into the ladder, then whips RVD into the corner. RVD and Jeff start to double team him, but Kane clotheslines them both down. Kane tosses Jeff outside and goes after him, leaving RVD in the ring all alone.

Outside, Kane smashes Jeff into the stairs. RVD leaps off the apron, but Kane catches him in a choke. Jeff runs the rails and saves his partner.

In the ring, BuhBuh grabs the ladder and spins around, taking out Christian and Jericho. Kane boots the ladder back into BuhBuh, but RVD takes him out with a flying spin kick.

Spike clotheslines RVD over the top, but Jericho takes him down while Christian lays a ladder on top of a turnbuckle. Jericho whips Spike into the ladder, face-first.

Jericho and Christian double suplex BuhBuh. BuhBuh is able to get Jericho to
clothesline Christian, and then clothesline Jericho over teh top himself. Kane goes up top and hits Christian with the flying clothesline.

BuhBuh brings a new ladder into the ring, which he uses to hit Kane. BuhBuh climbs the ladder, but Kane pulls him off and chokeslams him!

Spike runs in, but Kane catches him and scoop slams him. Kane press slams Spike over the top and into Rob Van Dam. Kane turns around and gets nailed in the face with a ladder by Jericho.

Outside, Christian sets up a table and he and Jericho lay Kane on top of it. Christian chokes Kane while Jericho gets a ladder. He starts to feed it through the ropes, but RVD leaps over the ropes and nails the ladder, causing it to nail Jericho and Christian
in their faces.

Jeff Hardy sets up two of the tall ladders outside. He climbs up and leg drops Kane through the table!

In the ring, BuhBuh takes a ladder and tosses it onto Jericho outside. BuhBuh starts climbing the ladder, but Christian powerbombs him off the ladder.

As we return, BuhBuh sets up another ladder, and he and RVD brawl between the two ladders in the ring. Now Jericho goes up BuhBuh's ladder, while Christian tries to knock over RVD's ladder. Jericho bulldogs BuhBuh from the ladder, and Christian reverse DDTs RVD down from his!

With all the men down, Spike begins climbing the ladder, but Christian pulls him down. Christian tosses Spike out of the ring, as Kane begins to crawl up from the broken table.

RVD and Christian rise, with Christian stomping RVD down. He goes up a ladder, but Kane pushes the ladder over, with Christian straddling the top rope. Jeff Hardy goes up top and leaps, but Kane catches him and hits a powerslam. Clothesline by Kane, then a Big Boot.

Kane sets up a ladder in the middle of the ring and begins to climb, but Little Spike Dudley grabs his leg, only for Kane to nail him with the ladder. Kane rams the ladder into Spike, but turns around into a Jericho chairshot.

Jericho nails BuhBuh with the chair, but RVD hits him with a spinning heel kick. BuhBuh crawls around, allowing Jeff to hit Kane with Poetry in Motion. RVD goes up top across the ring and nails Kane with the Van Terminator! Van Terminator to Kane!

Jeff Hardy suplexes Jericho onto a ladder, as Christian goes up top. Jeff sees him and tosses him off the turnbuckles and onto the ladder. Jeff sets up the ladder and climbs, but BuhBuh returns to the ring and climbs up the other side.

BuhBuh smashes Jeff's head into the ladder, then Superplexes him over the ladder back down to the mat! Everyone is down, and no one is moving.

Finally RVD begins crawling across the ring and crawling up the ladder. He reaches up and grazes the belts, but BuhBuh quickly climbs up and knocks him from the ladder.

Now Jericho begins to climb the ladder. He kicks Spike away. He tries to grab the belts, but Spike pushes the ladder over, sending Jericho hurling over the ropes and to the ground below!

Now Spike resets the ladder and begins crawling up the ladder. He gets oh-so-close, when Christian pulls him down. Spike goes for the Acid Drop, but Christian pushes him over the top and through a table outside!

Christian slowly begins crawling to his feet and positioning the ladder. He starts to climb, but BuhBuh grabs the other ladder and sets it up next to Christian. BuhBuh goes up this ladder and grabs Christian for a Super BuhBuh Bomb from the ladders.

RVD goes up the turnbuckles and hits Christian with the Five Star Frog Splash. Following him is Jeff Hardy, but his Swanton misses BuhBuh. He runs at BuhBuh, but he ducks and hits a back bodydrop that sends Jeff flying over the ropes and through a table!

Van Daminator to BuhBuh! RVD sets up and ladder and he tries to unhinge and belts, but Jericho nails him with a chair! Jericho goes up the ladder. He grabs RVD's legs and hooks his arms and racks him over the ladder! Jericho lets go and reaches for the belts, but Kane re-enters and goes up the other side.

Kane reaches up and grabs Jericho and leaps off the ladder, chokeslamming Jericho into the mat! Kane sits up! The Big Red Machine sits up and starts climbing the ladder. He pulls the belts from the ring and emerges victorious once again!