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WWF RAW Report for January 14, 2002

- The usual RAW fireworks went off in Dallas, Texas and Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler kicked off the show on commentary!

The Royal Rumble is this Sunday night, and it was announced over the weekend on Federation programming that The Big Show and Kane officially entered themselves in the Royal Rumble!

Kurt Angle and Michael Cole were shown, and Kurt Angle talked about his match on Thursday. He said that he had Stone Cold where he wanted him when Kane stuck his nose in his business. Who does Kane think he is? He wants to make a statement? He thinks he's going to win the Royal Rumble? Kurt has a statement for him. You've messed with the wrong guy. Kane wants to mess with Kurt? Go toe to toe with him? To quote the popular singer Shakira. Whenever, where ever. Last year, Kane had a very impressive Royal Rumble. He nearly won the damn thing, but does he have a Gold Medal? Didn't think so. Being a big red freak isn't an Olympic sport. So Kane wants to make an example out of him? Well tonight, Kurt is going to make an example out of Kane. Remember the last time they wrestled? Kurt made Kane tap. Kane was crying like a baby, but tonight, it's going to be worse. Kurt is going to break Kane's ankle, and it's very difficult throwing 29 other wrestlers over the top rope with a broken ankle. Oh it's true. It's true.

Kane was shown walking in the backstage area, and he's up against Kurt Angle, next!
Referee: Charles Robinson
Kurt Angle vs. Kane

Kurt Angle's music hit in the arena and he made his way to the ring for his one on one match against the Big Red Machine, Kane. Kurt Angle stood face to face with Kane when Kane got in the ring, and the two exchanged words. Kurt gave Kane some right hands, and then he went behind Kane and hooked him, but Kane gave Kurt a reverse elbow to knock him down. Kurt Angle bailed to the outside of the ring, and then he pulled Kane out of the ring. Kane gave Kurt some right hands on the outside, and then he picked him up and dropped him onto the security wall.

Kane rolled Kurt back into the ring, and Kurt hammered away on Kane, and then Kane gave Kurt a power slam. Kane backed Kurt Angle into the corner and he gave him a series of shoulder blocks and then a hard shot to the back to knock him down. Kane gave Kurt Angle a body slam and then he whipped him into the corner and Kurt gave Kane a reverse elbow and then he picked Kurt up by the throat and slammed him down to the mat. Kane then went for an elbow drop, but Kurt avoided it. Kurt powered Kane into the corner and then he took Kane down with a fireman carry and then he gave him some right hands into the corner. Kurt chopped away on Kane and then Kane grabbed Kurt's hand and knocked Kurt down with a clothesline and then another. Kane whipped Kurt off the ropes and gave him a back body drop and then he whipped him into the corner. Kane gave Kurt a sidewalk slam and then Kane made his way to the top rope and Kurt hopped up and pulled Kane down with a suplex!

Kurt Angle then kicked Kane as he was down and then he gave him a number of right hands on the mat. Kurt went for the ankle lock, but Kane countered with an Enziguri! Kane got to his feet and knocked Kurt down with a series of right hands and then he knocked Kurt down with a big boot. Kane powered Kurt into the corner and he gave him a number of right hands. Kane whipped Kurt into the corner and gave him a tilt a whirl power slam. Kane then went to the top rope and Kurt went after him, and Kane hit him in the head and then Kane came off the top rope with a jumping clothesline on Kurt to knock him down. Kane then went for the tombstone, but Kurt got out of it, and he got Kane in a waist lock. Kane fought out of it, and then he went for a choke slam on Kurt, but Kurt took Kane down by the arm and then he put him in the ankle lock submission, and Kane tried to get to the ropes and he did just that, but Kurt pulled Kane back to the center of the ring.

Kane got to the ropes once again, and Kurt wouldn't release the hold. Kurt finally released the hold and Kane got up, and Kurt took him down in the angle slam and then he pinned him for a two count! Kurt couldn't believe that Kane kicked out, and he got angry and Kane sat right up. Kane grabbed Kurt by the throat, and Kurt used the referee as a shield, and Kane gave Kurt Angle and referee Charles Robinson a choke slam at the same time! Kane then got on his knees on the mat, and he put Kurt Angle in the ankle lock, and Kurt Angle was quick to tap out, but there was no referee to signal for the bell. Kane tried to wake the referee up, but he couldn't do it. Kurt got up, and Kane knocked him right back down with a hard right hand and then he put him in the ankle lock once again, and the referee finally started moving around. Kurt countered Kane, and he pinned him, holding the ropes, and he got a three count!
Winner - Kurt Angle