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WWF RAW Report for September 23, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- RAW is LIVE from Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California!

Backstage, Booker T and Goldust welcome a bunch of other wrestlers (KANE, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Steven Richards, etc.) to a presentation of something scary, something hideous. So they roll the footage and it's of Sunday night's segment where Rikishi ended up stink facing Eric Bischoff. Goldust says that he hasn't seen anything that bad since Chris Jericho's latest Fozzy concert. Goldust then says he has a special portrait and he shows it and it's Rikishi's butt superimposed on Bishoff's face. In the back, Rico peeks in and says that he will tell Eric Bischoff about all this.

Rico runs to tell on the guys, which infuriates Bischoff - Bischoff stomps to the ring and, after calling out Booker T, announces the matches the boys in the back will have to have to satisfy his injured pride.

They show footage of KANE backstage getting ready for his match.

WWE Tag Team Championship
-Lance Storm & Christian vs. Kane & Mystery Partner

Storm and Christian come down, accompanied by William Regal with the upside-down flag. BOOM! The fires of hell explode and Kane comes out, but who will he team with? The lights go out in the arena. Stand back! There's a Hurricane coming through! The Hurricane comes down the Raw ramp, after apparently jumping from SmackDown!

Christian and Hurricane start off, with Helms scoring a flurry of punches. Clothesline
by Helms, then a second-rope flipping neckbreaker. Neckbreaker to Storm. Tag to Kane.

Kane hits Storm with a sidewalk slam, then tosses Christian on top of Storm. Tag to Hurricane. Helms goes up top, and Kane throws him into Storm and Christian. Regal pulls Helms out of the ring, where Helms knocks him down. Christian baseball slides into Helms, allowing he and Storm to stop him down.

Stomps by Christian, then a boot choke. Tag to Storm, who hits a back elbow 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Christian. Backbreaker by Christian 1-2-broken by Kane. Christian lays in with a sleeper. Christian hits a kick to the gut and the reverse backbreaker 1-2-shoulder up.

Hurricane flips over Christian and hits the Eye of the Hurricane, but can't pin. Both men crawl to their corners. Tag to Kane and Storm.

Clothesline by Kane, then another, then a back bodydrop. Kane catches a flying Christian, but Storm nails him in the back. Double clothesline by Kane. The Big Red Machine goes up top and hits the flying clothesline to Storm. He calls for the end as Test runs down. Test gets on the apron, distracting the ref while Regal nails Kane with the Title belt. Storm eventually covers 1-2-shoulder up!

Test and Regal yell at the ref, who decides to kick them both from ringside. A swarm of refs come out to escort them to the back. Meanwhile in the ring,
Christian stomps away on Kane. Hurricane goes up top and hits a flying hurrcanrana. Storm goes to jumping calf kick Hurricane, but he ducks and Storm nails Christian. Kane grabs Storm and Hurricane grabs Christian and each hits a chokeslam. Kane pins 1-2-3! The Masked Men, The HurriKanes, the Red and Green Machines have won the Tag Titles!

In the back, Terri asks Hurricane why he was chosen as Kane's partner. Helms says that they both wear masks, they both use the chokeslam, and they both have the most impressive phsyiques in the WWE. Truth be told, he's been looking for a sidekick for a long time. . . .

Kane comes up and Helms insists that was HurriHumor. Kane says that the real reason he chose Helms was because Hurricane's a freak just like him, and freaks are cool. Helms invites Kane to fly away to celebrate. Kane stops him and lays a kiss on Terri, gives a yell and goes to celebrate, leaving Terri wondering what just hit her!