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WWF RAW Report for September 16, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- RAW hit the air LIVE from the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado!

Regal Feels Back-Draft from KANE!

KANE vs Regal:
In the continuing rumble between the Big FREAKIN' Machine and the Uns, Wm. Regal got a shot at KANE last night. In the end, Regal stumbled away with a bit of a scorching and a bloody mouth, after losing to KANE via DQ due to his Un-buddies' interference.

KANE entered the arena to a round of thunderous accolades from the crowd, and a sigh of relief and a hearty cheer from your's-truly! LOVED the kickout he gave before taking his stance to set the pyros off - sorta like Elvis used to do before he got down to business - LOL.

Regal seemed eager to get the fires burning, jumping KANE in what looked like an attempt to knock the Lithe Leviathan over the top rope andout of the ring. After three attempts, KANE took the tumble, back-flipping out onto the floor where Regal continued his assult. KANE took some rough and tumble, before the two found themselves in ring again.

KANE allowed a little more manhandling, during which time the fans took up a REGAL SUCKS chant, before he set in earnest to deliver some real heat to Regal - He had the crowd screaming their support as he thunked his own chest before taking to the top rope to execute a felling flying clothesline to a staggering Regal.

KANE looked to have the match under his control when Regal's Un-buddies rushed the ring and attempted to douse KANE's flame - each got a lick of fire for their trouble, Regan receiving a kick to the face, that was meant for KANE, by test. KANE kills me with that side-step manuever he does - LOL. The ref had called for the DQ bell almost as asoon as the Uns were in the ring, and like Pavlov's dogs being called to dinner, the foursome attacked KANE like hyenas taking down the King of the Jungle.

Bubbah Ray rushed the ring, followed by Goldie and Booker T = together they helped KANE clear the ring of the Impudent Chumps, Booker taking the mic to explain "These here truths that are self evident . . ." It would seem, among other things, the Uns don't got no Spaldings! (I'd have given ANYTHING to see KANE's face at THAT
utterance! :-D ) A challenge was made and accepted - the Uns are to face KANE, Bubbah, Goldie and the Book at Unforgiven, KANE's first PPV in six months! The Denver, Colorado crowd seemed MOST pleased at this turn of events!!!!

Again, KANE was jaw-dropping awesome - I can't wait to view THIS Pay-Per!!!!!