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WWF RAW Report for September 09, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- Well, Kanenites - Last night RAW hit the air LIVE from the Hilton Coliseum at IOWA State University, Ames, Iowa!


KANE and Bradshaw vs Christian and Storm, WWE Tag Team Title Match:
The crowd was TOTALLy on FIRE as the stage BURST into Flame and KANE sauntered through to start it all off! In the ring, KANE lights up the night with his pyros then turns to watch The Big Texan, Bradshaw, make his way to join him.
It's the World's Tag Team Title that's on the line, and Bradshaw takes the mic to tell us that they were there to take the Title in the HeartLand of America and brinng home where it belongs.

Two of the Un's (reminds me of the old UN-cola commercials) Christian and Storm hit the ramp to some sssssscorching heat, and get into the ring to and all-out- brawl. KANE knocks Christian clean out of the ring, then he and Bradshaw drop
Storm like yesterday's news. The ref signals for one of the Titan Avengers to take his place outside the ring, KANE leaves and Bradshaw continues his assault on Storm. Bradshaw produced a scoop slam on Storm - went for the pin - a kickout on the two count has the guys up and at it again. Action is hard and hammering when Storm slings Bradshaw into the ropes and Bradshaw comes back to shoulder block Lance out of the ring - Christian goes to join in - KANE makes to counter - Bradshaw reaches down and lifts Storm up to suplex him over the ropes back into the ring. A cover by Bradshaw - Storm kicks out again on the two. Bradhsaw tags to KANE.

Kane punches Storm around the ring as Bradshaw takes his spot outside the ring. Back and forth 'til Storm tags in Christian - actually it looked like Christian tagged himself in, DUH!!! I guess that's why JR called it a blind tag O.O - who attackes KANE from behind but KANE shakes it off and applies a double clothesline to the Tag Chimps. Tag back to Bradshaw. Back suplex by Bradshaw - pin - 1-2-shoulder up, and up again for more action. Christian charges right into a Big Boot from Bradshaw - cover again - another two count and Bradshaw tags KANE in again.

KANE displays his AWESOME power executing a double lifting choke to Christian - he goes for the elbow drop, but Christian rolls out and KANE greets the mat with total velocity. Christian makes to snatch and puch at KANE's head, but KANE reaches up to grasp him around he throat as he rises and lifts and tosses Christian into the corner post, knocking Storm off the apron. Sidewalk slam by Kane which Christian shoulders out of at two. As KANE regains his feet, Storm reaches in through the ropes and pulls at the Gargantuan's leather clad calves, bringing KANE down to wishbone him around the ringpost!!!!! EEEEEE That HAD to sting!!!! KANE writhes in pain as Christian stomps away on him with Storm applying what he can from outside the ring. Christian continues with a flurry of punches and blatant chokes as he straddles KANE's writhing body while the ref is distracted by Bradshaw protesting from his corner. Christian goes over to add to the fray, allowing Storm to pull KANE out of the ring and beat on him 'til Christian comes around and they both heft KANE back into the ring. Once there, Storm tags in and the Chumps attempt to elimnate KANE on the spot.
KANE battles out of the corner, to be guillotined by Christian him. Lance takes a run at KANE, who lifts him effortlessly into a tilt-a-whirl slam, both men meet the mat. SOLD tag to Bradshaw - Storm tags in Christian.

Another shoulder block from Bradshaw, followed by a back elbow to Christian. Storm seeks to interfere, flying off the top, but Bradshaw catches him and with Storm in his arms, Bradshaw boots Christian back and hits the fallaway slam on Storm. Bradshaw works to a Spinebuster to Christian as KANE paces the outside of the ring, still obviously feeling the effects of the wishbone - Bradshaw covers - count is broken by Storm at two. Storm, who seems to be EVERYWHERE!, then Superkicks Bradshaw then skittles out to go after KANE - the two battle around the outside as Christian takes advantage and goes for the pin on Bradshaw who gets the shoulder up in time. Christian now looks for the Unprettier - Bradshaw shoves him off the ropes and follows with a powerslam which Christian kicks out of. Lance goes up top and hits a flying clothesline on Bradshaw - I'm looking around for KANE - ask - WHERE is he???? The camera pans around - and AHH!!! THERE he is ~ perched atop a ringpost himself - he takes to the air and delivers an awesome flyin clothesline to the bug eyed Storm.
Storm goes to counter with a flying dropkick, but KANE sidesteps - DAYUM that guy's got rythm! - and Storm plows into the ref.

KANE turns - From out of nowhere Test looms into the ring and delivers a jarring Big Boot to the Masked Muscled One! KANE is felled and rolls out of the ring. Bradshaw comes in and gives Test the Clothesline From Hell, but William Regal sneaks in and nails Bradshaw with the brass knuckles - Christian goes for the leg up - flagging the
ref who is comes around to pound out three into the mat. The Uns - now FOUR strong flee the ring and back up the ramp as the camera rolls over Bradshaw still prone on the mat, and a recovering KANE on the floor outside the ring.

GREAT match to watch and get into - KANE and Bradshaw should have wound up with the belts - they basically DESTROYED Storm and Christian - and without the interference of Test and Regal, would have had. I can never figure out how Regal and Test get away with interference - there's never a DQ called when either of them dive in - but you let KANE jump to, and the bells ringing off the hook!!!!!

But that's NOT it for Our Loveable Leviathan this night!!!!! YEEEEEEAH!!!!! . . .


In the back, Booker talks about what makes this country great. Goldust comes up in a mouth pieceless plastic KANE mask!!!!, saying that what makes his country great is
being able to team up with a man like Goldust. Goldie is at his best, delivering his trademark promo as Booker's eyes widen and he tee hees to the side - for behind Goldie, KANE comes up to stand and listen and watch! The watching crowd pops WILDLY as Goldie jumps realizing KANE has been there - looks UP into the bemasked visage and stammers. KANE reaches up and PLUCKS the mask off, looks from it to Goldie who stutters his fright. Bradshaw comes up opposite them, beers in hand, and tells them that it is up to them to beat the UnAmericans tonight. He says they hve a little time, so why not go an catch some hot action - who's with him - Booker leers - Goldie gasps and brings his hand to his mouth as if Bradshaw has uttered some foul word - KANE and Bradshaw turn their heads to level questioning stares at Goldie as he tels them he could never! Bradshaw asks again - and this time KANE slowly raises his hand and says he'll go!!!! The fans are SCREAMING at this! KANE gets a beer for stepping up. LOL Booker is fired up now, and says this is what makes this country great. Only in America can you get a BIG beer-drinking Texan, a BIG BIG red freak, a gold freak, and the five-time WCW Champion, all getting together to take in some hot action. Can you dig it????? Lets go!! They break off leaving the camera's view in four directions - Booker pops back in and delivers - SUCKAAAAA! and pops back out with the camera playing on a visibly perplexed Coached.

Booker T & Goldust vs. William Regal & Test
-Booker and Test start off, with Booker hitting a back elbow and a reverse thrust kick 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Goldust, who goes second rope and hits a flying club. Tag to Regal. Goldust hits the thump, then knocks Test off the apron. Regal tosses Goldust outside, where Test beats him down. Booker comes over and breaks it up. Back in the ring, Regal drags Goldust down and pins 1-shoulder up. Tag to Test. Back elbows by Test. Regal tags in and hits an armdrag. Choke with the knee by Regal, and Test tags back in. Boot choke by Test, then a running clothesline 1-2-shoulder up. Tag to Regal. Regal beats Goldust against the ropes, then chokes. Tag to Test. Goldust begins fighting back, but Test looks for the pump handle. Goldust floats over and hits a falling neckbreaker, and both men go down. Tag to Booker and Regal. Shoulder block by Booker. Booker clotheszlines Test down, then hits a heel kick to Regal 1-2-broken by Test. Goldust knocks Test out of the ring. In the ring, Booker hits a knee to the gut and the scissors kick. Spinaroonie by Booker, but Test runs in. Booker ducks a Big Boot and nails Test with a jumping calf kick. Regal nails Booker with the brass knuckles.

KANE and Bradshaw run down, closely followed by Storm and Christian. ALL HELL breaks loose with KANE fiercely letting loose with power-packed punches to quickly clear the ring as Bradshaw holds his own. As the DQ bell rings, the UnAmericans flee from ringside. KANE takes his place at the ropes to glare the Uns out as Bradshaw Goldie and Booker take up stance behind him.

The crowd was SOOOO into this match! Heat like you wouldn't believe, pops - especially when KANE hit the ramp closely followed by Bradshaw - that could rattle the rafters! Euphoria set in after having seen KANE thrice in one night!!!! And I tell ya - I really DON'T remember much else! LOL