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WWF RAW Report for September 02, 2002
Pictures credit: RAW

- We are LIVE live from the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the Labor Day edition of RAW!

KANE Defender - The AMERICAN Way!

Let me say first, that I went nutz during the opening promo to RAW! They've added KANE's new look into the mix - BURSTING with action - it's superb!

Handicap Match:  Kane over Lance Storm & Christian. The UnAmericans Edge and Christian went up against KANE in a handicap match about half way through the show - for me, it was the best part of the show. Coming out first, they pranced down and into the ring, their blatant taunting of all things American cut short by KANE's explosive entrance.

I'm SOOOOO glad KANE kept the music that I will always associate with him - Chemical Burn, I think is what they call it. The arrangement may change slightly(just as his attire and demeanor may have) through the years, and they might change the lyrics to fit his current personality, but the main cadance and theme remain the same.

As KANE slides into the ring, Christian and Storm waste no time rushing him before he's up or before the bell. KANE battled back, seemingly with ease, sending each attacker to a corner. KANE valiantly took on the two, sometimes at the same time, in a match that saw the UnAmericans throwing everything they had at him. Christian managed to take Kane down with a drop toe hold on the ring steps.  

The King urged Kane to be the Big Red White & Blue Machine tonight. Kane was impressive, his feats of agility and strength, I hope, convincing any doubter that the IS no FAKER - KANE is KANE and he's indeed on FIRE! Kane used a new move that consisted of putting Christian on his shoulders and falling backwards.  Kane flew off the top with a clothesline to Storm and got a near fall.

The match ended with Christian and Lance double teaming KANE in the ring, KANE sidesteps a jumping half calf by Lance, who ended up connecting with Christian, sending THAT one clean out of the ring. KANE lays a death-grip Chokehold on Storm, lifts and ChokesSlams Lance down resoundingly into the mat, covers - 1 - 2 - 3 . . . pin for the win to KANE!!

You could FEEL the fervor of the capacity crowd at Bradley Center in Milwaukee, starting from the time KANE's firey entrance queued and going throught out the match! As Christian was going for the UnPrettier, the crowd began to chant - KANE twisted out and lifted Christian to sit upon his shoulders as the fans SCREAMED their support. His victory - sweeter for the roar of approval reverbrating through the arena.

Of course, Test, EEEEEVIL sneer on his face, jumps the ring and KANE - the defeated gather and take to the fallen KANE like jackals on a prone gazell. Test breaks off and grabs the Red-White & Blue, lifts a propane torch, fires it up and slowly brings it toward Old Glory -

BRADSHAW!!!!!! The Texan makes for the ring, bearing down on Test in time to save the Stars and Stripes yet again! The Twisted Trio turn and begin to battle on Bradshaw as KANE rises to his feet an zeroes in on Test! In no time, KANE and Bradshaw clear the ring of the UnAmericans, KANE sets off his glorious pyros as Bradshaw grabs up the flag and waves it thriumphantly through the blazing display. As the smoke clears, KANE stalks around the ring, Bradshaw going up on the ring posts as the arena continues to erupt wildly. KANE moves to the ropes and casts
a baleful glare at the backward retreating reprobates (the cameras capture MAGNIFICENT close up head shots of him here :D )- then turns to meet Bradshaw, head held high, as he, the Texan and the Flag receive enthusiastic acclaim.

KANE has returned - displaying every BIT of what it is that sets him apart from others - and MORE! THIS Kanenite will heartily enjoy watching him blaze his "Chosen Path" through the WWE this go round, leaving those who seek to barr his way singed from the heat of his aggressive determination!