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WWF RAW Report for April 8, 2002

-The RAW video plays and the pyros hit with the show coming to us live from Phoenix, Arizona.

- Backstage, Terri is interviewing Kane. Kane is reading the Divas magazine and says that just because his face is burned, it doesn't mean the rest of his body isn't functioning properly. Ha. All his life, he has been called a monster but when he was teaming with Rock and Hogan last week and 17,000 Kane-o-nites rose to their feet he realized that freaks are cool. Tonight he faces X-Pac in a Last Man Standing match but is X-Pac cool? Just like a lion roars and a chicken clucks, it's a fact that X-Pac sucks.

- Backstage, X-Pac is getting ready for his match. He tells the other nWo members to stay behind cause he has something to prove. After he leaves, Hall and Nash comment agree that X-Pac is a giant killer.

Kane vs. X-Pac
- We come back live as Lilian announces the upcoming "Falls Count Anywhere" match between X-Pac and Kane. Pac and Kane come out in that order. X-Pac gets the upperhand attacking Kane in the corner. But his offense doesn't last long as Kane starts dominating. The match shifts to the outside and spills to the crowd with Kane pummeling X-Pac all the way to the back.

Repeated punches by Kane but from behind come Scott Hall and Kevin Nash who attack him with a pipe and a 2x4. X-Pac capitalizes and pins Kane but the nWo continues their assault breaking the 2x4 over his back. X-Pac takes off Kane's mask and nails him in the face with the chair. Bradshaw comes to Kane's rescue but the nWo run off.

- We come back and see a replay of what just happened in the Kane/X-Pac match.

- We cut back live and see EMTs helping Kane. His face is covered with a black towel.

- Backstage, the nWo are making fun of Kane with X-Pac wearing Kane's mask. Ric Flair interrupts their fun and says that they can't do this anymore. Nash challenges Flair and asks him what he'll do about it. Flair responds by suspending Nash without pay, obviously to explain his upcomin absence while he recovers from bicep surgery. He asks the other nWo members if they want any of the same medicine but they shake their head no.