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WWF RAW Report for April 1, 2002

-It's a historic night, LIVE in Albany. The first in the era of Ric Flair's RAW! There's a new stage! Picture a TitanTron shaped in the outline of the new Raw logo (think slanted rectangle). On each side are hanging lights that look like icicles or crystals. Below is a long "bolted metal" section, with a thinner section inside it, that plays the WWF logo video. In the middle is the section where the wrestlers enter, which is backed by a video which continues the new rusted metal motif. There's new music! And a new Raw video! Half music video, half wrestler clips. Pyro shoots from the top of the new TitanTron to the stage and explodes, as the new era is underway! Tonight, Kane will take on X-Pac.

In the back, the nWo talk about how they hope Flair signs Austin. They talk about how even though X-Pac has the match against Kane, when you fight one member of the nWo, you fight them all. They come upon the closed aPa office and clean it up, turning it into the nWo Lounge. Fade Out..

Kane vs. X-Pac

-Kane makes his way out of the fires of hell, followed by all three members of the nWo. Kane stares down Kevin Nash, allowing Pac to jump him from behind and start the beating. Kane comes back with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Uppercuts and elbows by Kane, then a military press slam. More uppercuts by Kane, but X-Pac catches him with an enziguri. Chops by Pac, but Kane is unphased. Clothesline in the corner by Kane, then a sidewalk slam. He goes up top, but Hall distracts him long enough for X-Pac to jump and kick him off the top to the floor below. As Pac distracts the ref, Scott Hall gets in a few shots. Pac dives over the top, but Kane catches him. Nash boots Kane down.

X-Pac gets in the ring and fakes an injury, allowing Hall to smash him into the stairs. In the ring, Pac punches away on Kane in the corner. Kane starts firing back, but Pac catches him with a spinning heel kick 1-2-power out that sends Pac to the outside. Hall punches Kane in the face, while X-Pac goes up top and hits him with a missile dropkick. Kane misses a clothesline in the corner, allowing Pac to kick away on him and lay in a boot choke. Hall holds Kane down, allowing Pac to hit the Bronco Buster. But Kane simply pulls himself up and clotheslines X-Pac, then powerslams him down. Big Boot to X-Pac. Kane rolls out of the ring and uppercuts Hall down. Kane goes up top and hits Pac with the flying clothesline. He looks for the chokeslam, but Hall and Nash come in and start beating him down. As the DQ bell rings, Bradshaw rushes the ring and starts beating down Hall and Nash. Kane knocks X-Pac over the top and Bradshaw beats Hall and Nash out of the ring.