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WWF RAW Report for March 25, 2002

-We open with Linda McMahon speaking to us and the Superstars "live" from Stamford. As the camera pans around, all the wrestlers are crowded together, watching what Linda has to say. Some notables are: Mark Henry, Tommy Dreamer, Raven, Billy Kidman, KANE and 'Taker. Linda tells us that only the first twenty picks will be made on Raw tonight. The other superstars will be chosen on right after Raw. Neither Triple H, Chris Jericho, nor Steph can be chosen tonight, nor can Stone Cold. The rosters take effect on next week's Raw, which is also when Austin can be chosen to a program as a free agent. Good luck to all the Superstars.

The pyro explodes, and we truly are LIVE for the last full rostered RAW!

In the back, the nWo tell Flair, who has picked them in his second round, that they only work for Vince. Flair says that he chooses a man who will get to know them quite well, Kane.

Third Selection - Raw - Kane. Kane is a WWF champion of many Titles, a multi-time WWF Tag Champion.

Hulk Hogan & Rock vs. X-Pac, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash

-Hogan and X-Pac start, with Hogan simply tossing him over the top rope! Hogan flexes and dares Pac to get back in. Pac does, but tags Scott Hall. They lock up, and Hogan tosses Hall across the ring. More flexing by Hogan, but now Hall tags Kevin Nash. They lock up, and this time, Nash tosses Hogan across the ring. Elbows by Nash. Hogan starts fighting back with right hands. Clothesline in the corner after he hits the nWoers on the apron. Nash clubs Hogan down and tags in X-Pac. Legdrop by Pac 1-2-power out. Tag to Hall. Hall punches Hogan in the corner. They go off the roeps and clothesline each other down. Tag to Rock and to Nash. Punches by Rock, who ducks a clothesline and hits Nash with a flying forearm. DDT to Hall, but X-Pac takes him down from behind. Rock pops up and smacks Pac out of the ring. Rock Bottom to Kevin Nash! Tag to Hogan. Hogan stars Hulking Up and punches Hall into Rock, who spinebusters him down. Leg drop to Nash 1-2-broken by X-Pac. The three-on-two beating begins, with X-Pac breaking out the nunchuks, when...

BOOM! Kane emerges form the Fires of Hell, and Big Boots Nash down. As the DQ bell rings, Kane grabs Hall in a choke. X-Pac hits him in the back with a chair, but Kane turns and punches the chair into Pac. Chokeslam to Hall. Rock and Hogan raise Kane's hands, but Lillian announces that the nWo win by DQ. Fade Out.