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WWF RAW Report for March 18, 2002

-One night after Wrestlemania, RAW invades the soldout Molson Centre in Montreal, Quebec!

-Jim Ross tells us that later tonight, Linda McMahon will have a major announcement on the future of the WWF.

We see a pre-recorded broadcast by Linda McMahon. She thanks the fans and then says that the Board of Directors has come to a final decision. She states that it appears that Vince McMahon and Ric Flair will always be at odds. So the decision for a brand extension has been made, whereby Ric Flair will be given 100% control of WWF RAW and Vince McMahon be given 100% control of WWF Smackdown!. One week from tonight on RAW, there will be a live talent draft where Vince and Ric will select their respective talent, talent that will be exclusive to their show except for the women's champion and the men's champion who will appear on both shows.

Booker T & Kurt Angle vs. Kane & Edge

-We come back to see Booker T heading down to the ring, after which his tag team partner Kurt Angle enters the arena to a chorus of You Suck chants. Their opponents make their way out next first Edge, followed by Kane. Kane drags Booker T into the ring by grabbing his hair and immediately gains the upperhand. He drops Booker T and then heads to the top and hits a flying clothesline. Cover, but Angle interrupts the count at two. Booker T takes Kane down and tags out to Angle but Kane gets up and chokes Kurt, forcing Booker To to make the save. A quick tag back to Booker T and he goes for the scissor kick, but Kane counters it and tags out to Edge. Edge cleans house on both of his opponents and then goes to the top rope with a missile dropkick on Kurt. A cover but Booker T again interferes and breaks the count. Kane enters and takes Booker to the outside, leaving Edge and Kurt in the ring where Angle proceeds to get the ankle-lock on. Kane walks in and chokeslams Angle but Booker T recovers and the two head back outside. Back in the ring, Kurt goes for the Angle Slam but Edge avoids it and then ducks out of the way as Booker T comes charging in with a kick, only to miss Edge and hit Kurt. Edge hits a spear but Kurt kicks out. They end up going at it with a couple near falls and finally, with some help from Kane, Edge hits the Edgecution on Kurt for the pinfall victory.