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Show Cased!
Confidential preview for Oct. 5, 2002

Watch Confidential this Saturday night at 11/10PM CT on TNN. This week, Confidential tracks down the Philadelphia Eagles' Levon Kirkland so the star linebacker can meet his favorite WWE Superstar: Booker T!

Here's a list of other features to expect on this week's Confidential:

* Rey Mysterio grants an interview and gives a demonstration of the 619.
* Rob Van Dam tours Jakks Pacific, the maker of WWE action figures.
* Take look back at some of Val Venis' best one-liners in the ring.
* Gear up for Monday's RAW in Las Vegas by taking a look at some of the top WWE moments in Sin City.
* Go behind the scenes at the filming of the hilarious No Mercy commerical starring Pete Rose and KANE.
* Get to know Fit Finlay. The Belfast Bruiser has gone from wrestler to trainer for the WWE Divas.