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WWE hits NU
By Heather E. Allen
Obtober 30, 2002

The last time politics met professional wrestling was in the form of former WWF Superstar Jesse "The Body" Ventura
when he was elected the Governor of Minnesota– but history has a way of repeating itself.

As election day, Nov. 5, looms ahead Northeastern is preparing for a storm that will impact campus the day before the
election, when four World Wrestling Entertainment Superstars invade Krentzman Quad.

Kane, The Hurricane, Al Snow and Spike Dudley will join Student Government President Richard Schwabacher, The Northeastern News Editor in Chief Andy Cuneo and the Boston Regional Coordinator for the Youth Vote Coalition
Brian Tanner for "Smackdown Your Vote" this Monday at noon.

The purpose of the event is to generate enthusiasm amongst the most apathetic portion of the voting pool; individuals
between the ages of 18 and 25.

Schwabacher said that in both the 1996 and 2000 elections, four out of every 10 registered voters in the 18-25 age
bracket voted. This he said is an indication of a steeply declining trend since the 1970s.

The Youth Vote Coalition approached Northeastern's Student Government about the event which has been traveling
across the country, which Schwabacher said happened for a reason.

"I think they approached us because they recognize that we are a high profile school with all of the changes that are
being made," he said. "Northeastern has the best campus in Boston and Northeastern has the best student government
out of all the schools in this region."

Both gubernatorial candidates have been invited to the event, as well as NU faculty and administrators,
Schwabacher said.

"The governor's race is heated and is the biggest focus in Massachusetts," he said. "The candidates are invited to come
but we are just saying to go out and vote, not one way or the other."

As of Tuesday night neither faculty members or administrators had made confirmations with Schwabacher.

The WWE superstars who are partners with the youth coalition are confirmed for the half hour rally. After the rally in the Krentzman Quad the superstars will be available for autographs. In case of inclement weather the event will be moved to
the second floor of the Curry Student Center.

The last stop on the "Smackdown Your Vote" will be Northeastern. Later that evening the superstars will be gearing up
for action at the FleetCenter for "Monday Night Raw."

Credit: The Northeastern News