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HEY to all the young KANE fans out there!

Just wanted to remind you:
KANE does NOT, as a rule, E-mail or IM his fans - NOR does he call them or participate in chat rooms.

If ANY of you receive a message saying that person is KANE, please DO NOT BELIEVE IT!!!

For more information, please click --> WWE Advice. An e-mail address is also given to report anyone trying to hurt kids by pretending to be a wrestler.

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I am not KANE, and I've never met KANE. Please do not e-mail me for information on how to contact KANE. The only information I have is: KANE, c/o WWFE Corporate Headquarters, 1241 East Main Street, Stamford, CT 06902

This site has been created for the enjoyment of young KANE fans up to fifteen (15) years of age. No copyright infringement is intended.

All graphics & script used for this site is ©Qayin, unless otherwise noted. If you want to contact me, please e-mail:

KANE is ©The WWFE, Inc. This means that no one can use his name or image, or pretend to be him to make money with out getting permission from the WWFE, Inc.