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From Tragedy to Triumph

Interview with KANE

We all know the story. Kane lost his mother in a fire that also disfigured him - a fire set by his own half-brother, Undertaker. After that loss and devastation, Kane spent his childhood locked in a cold, dark basement by his father, Paul Bearer.

As an adult, Kane came to the World Wrestling Federation, a physically strong force, but easy prey for manipulators such as the McMahons, Chyna, Tori, X-Pac, as well as his own flesh and blood. A tortured soul scarred by those flames of yesteryear. A man continually used and abused by those he let into his heart. He was referred to as a monster and "retard."

Today having overcome the greatest of odds, Kane stands strong. Once without a voice, Kane finally speaks. For the first time in history, Kane talks to the World Wrestling Federation Magazine, answering questions friends, foes and fans alike have been asking for a long, long time.

Laura: For as long as anyone can remember, you have been silent. What made you decide to finally use your voice?

Kane: People thought that I couldn't talk or comunicate. The simple truth is: I just never felt that there was anything to say that my actions couldn't say better. I finally realized that while actions speak louder than words, people don't always "listen" to actions. They may "hear," but you can't make them listen.

Laura: How much courage did it take for you to speak that first time in front of millions of viewers?

Kane: My whole life has been filled with pain and adversity. I have always done what needs to be done to survive. Courage, if you want to call it that, has become ingrained in me, through every step in my life. Speaking was just another step.

Laura: Perhaps no other Federation Superstar has experienced as much tragedy in his life as you have. From the abuse by your father Paul Bearer, to the violent betrayal of your brother Undertaker, to the multiple deceptions at the hands of Tori, X-Pac, the McMahons and Chyna. Do you feel all of this has made you a stronger person?

Kane: What doesn't kill you, only makes you stronger...I ain't dead yet.

Laura: Of all those who have betrayed you, who do you harbor the most resentment towards?

Kane: Of all the people you mentioned, only two are related to me. The others had their reasons. The McMahons justify all their actions by saying "it's business, not personal." I can understand that. In a way, X-Pac was also motivated by business. Maybe he felt that he wasn't getting ahead by sticking with me. D-Generation X had aligned itself with the McMahons and was making a serious play for power. Same with Chyna. Even Tori probably felt that way. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Ambition warps people, makes them ruthless.

Laura: How do you feel about your father and brother?

Kane: The others you mentioned had no blood bond with me, but my father and brother are a different story. Their betrayal was, and remains, worse. It was worse because it began long before my arrival here in the Federation. It remains the worst because it is still going on. I can understand my father's betrayal. He is not physically gifted, so he felt that he had to use me to achieve his goals in the World Wrestling Federation. And eventually, we made peace. Also, I feel his betrayal was motivated by my brother.

Laura: How do you feel about your brother Undertaker?

Kane: Yes, my brother, the grand manipulator. Perhaps of all people, I am the only one who truly understands him. We had had our moments of reconciliation, but these temporary alliances have always ended with me getting the shaft. You can't trust him. From the time we were children, he has always been out for himself, no one else. And he will take whatever measures he feels are needed to eliminate any and all threats - real or imagined. Together, the two of us would be unstoppable; we would dominate the World Wrestling Federation. No one, not even Vince McMahon, could stop us.

Unfortunately, my brother couldn't live with that. He won't share power - or anything else. Everything that has happened to me has been his fault. From the fact that I wear a mask to the betrayals of others. I worshipped him when I was a child, but now I see his weaknesses - all of them. Maybe someday we will come to a total reconciliation instead of uneasy, temporary alliances when we both need them. But for now, I always stay behind him. That way he can't stab me in the back.

Laura: Do you think you could ever trust another Federation Superstar again?

Kane: I don't need to trust anybody. I see people for their usefulness and certain purposes. But I keep my eyes open.

Laura: What was your mother like?

Kane: She was beautiful. She loved me. In her eyes, I could do no wrong. Perhaps that's the root of my brother's problems, Undertaker thought she loved me more.

Laura: Were you in love with Tori? If so, could you ever love another woman again?

Kane: I would have done anything for Tori. In fact, I did do everything for her. Is that love? I guess. Was it real? No. She surely opened my eyes. Just when you think you know someone, you discover something different about them. Sometimes it's good...sometimes it's not.

Laura: What do you want out of life?

Kane: What do we all want? Happiness? Contentment? Power? Pleasure? Perfection? Or just plain amusement? People spend their lives trying to answer these questions and never can. I'm going to do whatever I want to make myself happy. Whatever I want - and if no one likes it...that is unfortunate for them.

Laura: Is getting the World Wrestling Federation Championship your number-one aspiration?

Kane: Currently, yes.

Laura: Now that you're speaking - something none of us would've ever thought possible - the next step is for the mask to come off. Will you ever take it off and show the world who you are? And who are you, Kane?

Kane: Let's start with what I'm not. I am not the "Big Red Retard." I am not a freak I am not the innocent, naive, child-like simpleton some people think. Like everyone else here in the Federation, I have my own agenda. But unlike most, I am capable of accomplishing it. And if you don't know who I am, just wait - you'll find out.

By: Laura Bryson - WWF Magazine September 2000