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Kane's Unmasking

By Mike Pachuta (

Whether or not anyone realized it last night, something huge happened at Summerslam 2000, August 27, 2000. It was not Kurt Angle carrying Stephanie away and it was not The Rock retaining his title. Last night, one of the best-kept secrets in the World Wrestling Federation was revealed.

Kane's mask was taken off. And it was taken off by the one person who may have been the last one to see him before it was put on – his brother, the Undertaker.

Although we didn't get a clear look at his face, we did get a glimpse at the man, whose facial features are a better-kept secret than the winner of "Survivor."

The two brothers led very traumatic childhoods. Undertaker saw his home go up in flames, and was told that his entire family had not survived the blaze. He struggled to overcome the deaths in his family, and looked forward to the day he would see them again.

Little did he know that he would see one of them much sooner than he had expected. Kane had, in fact, lived through the fire that claimed the lives of their parents, an experience he's still struggling to overcome.

Taker was shocked to see his brother alive. His face was covered by a mask; his body, covered by clothing, to hide the scars of the fire that he nearly didn't survive. Kane couldn't speak – he needed a special "voice box" that allowed him to hauntingly communicate to others.

At SummerSlam, when Kane entered the arena, he was wearing new ring attire. There were no signs of the blaze that Kane lived through. His arms were huge, muscular and unscarred. His charred skin was no where to be seen. Maybe that was when Undertaker decided it was time to see the man behind the mask.

When the two started brawling, Undertaker opened up a cut on Kane's forehead. It was the first time Kane had seen his own blood spilled. He never realized that Taker was going for the mask.

When Undertaker finally got a hold of the one thing that Kane has been hiding behind, he tore it off his brother's head. Kane quickly covered his terrifying face. We only got a glimpse at what was behind the mask, but in that glimpse, we could make out a person. Then Kane ran away, not to be seen again.

How disgusting is his face? Will we ever get a really good look at it? Has anyone ever seen it since the fire? What sort of horrible disfigurement makes this man believe he's a monster? What has he been hiding behind that mask all these years? Why did it take Undertaker so long to uncover his brother? Where is Paul Bearer?

Will these questions be answered tonight? Tune in to RAW at 11 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on USA Network to find out.