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Kane should be WWF champ
June 20, 2000

For SLAM! Wrestling

In the past few weeks in The World Wrestling Federation, there has been a three-way fight between The Undertaker, The Rock and Kane as the number one contender to Triple H's World Title. The three superstars are definitely proving they each deserve the chance to face Triple H in a one-on-one title match. As well, their title histories prove all three men can win the big one. The Rock has held the world title and the IC title on numerous occasions. The Undertaker is also a multiple world champion and has held the tag team title as well. Kane's world title reign was short and surrounded with controversy but he is a multiple tag team champion.

Now to break down all three men who want to wear the gold is not easy. Each deserves the honour and have proven in recent matches that they are primed for the shot. Although The Undertaker and The Rock each are in the list of "should" have the title, I believe that if Kane holds the title the WWF would benefit more. I can actually hear people questioning this statement as they read this but in reality I believe it is the truth.

The Rock is the most popular athlete in sports entertainment today and I do not dispute that at all. He also has the best microphone skills as well maybe in wrestling history and I agree is amazingly talented as well. However, The Rock seems to be a much stronger character when he is not wearing the gold. It's as if he turns it up a few notches and that brings out the best in him and his opponents. Steve Austin was the same way when he was pursuing the title a few years ago. Rocky seems to thrive in the role of the underdog having to always fight to get that shot he so rightly deserves.

The Undertaker on the other hand is a no nonsense character right now. He has dropped the evil ministry leader role and has become more human than he's ever been before. The look and personality is a breath of fresh air for the character and allows the Undertaker to branch out in different areas he couldn't before. Mark Calloway's character is now actually more like his real-life personality in dress and behaviour. The Undertaker seems to achieve more when he is a villainous dark character who is hell bent on keeping a the title when he is in possession of it.

Kane's character has shown the most growth in wrestling this past year and a half. At first The Big Red Machine was a silent and powerful monster that attacked people at the whim of Paul Bearer. Kane has shown incredible developments of his actual in ring moves by performing suplexes, powerbombs, dropkicks and more athletic moves. His change from a grunting way of speaking with help of a voice box to being able to complete entire sentences in a more demonic voice is a plus. Kane is a character that is really under-appreciated by fans. No other wrestler in recent memory has actually been able to get us to feel every emotion that way he is. When Kane was hurting from Paul Bearer, The Undertaker, X-Pac and Torrie stabbing him in the back, we felt his pain as well. When he stormed over Triple H on Raw and stood over the fallen champion with the world title hoisted above his head, we shared his joy. When he couldn't understand why X-Pac and Torrie turned on him, we felt his confusion and when he finally struck down X-Pac and Torrie, we felt his rage.

I believe Kane is the most complex character in wrestling today, but one who does everything in simple ways. Kane has not become stale or stagnant with his character or his goals in the last little while. He keeps evolving, which is allows him to grow. I personally did not think Kane would be around this long when he first came into the Federation but I think as long as Glenn Jacobs plays Kane as he has been, Kane will be a major force for awhile and a world champion sooner than we all think.

Jason Huskins is from Charlottetown, PEI. He can be emailed at