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One More Time

Seth Mates (
March 2000

No Way Out is history, and the main event for WrestleMania is set -- Triple H will defend his World Wrestling Federation Championship against the Big Show.

I have no idea what other matches will be on the card. No really -- I don't! They don't tell me anything! But after the events of Sunday night, I have one request for the matchmakers here at the World Wrestling Federation.

X-Pac vs. Kane.

One more time.

Call me a Kane mark (and I'm sure my fellow WWF.comrades will), but I just can't get enough of the big guy. And this feud with X-Pac has taken both guys up a level.

Think about it. This feud dates back a full year -- all the way to last year's WrestleMania. That was the event when Triple H and Chyna turned their backs on both men, setting up a partnership between the duo which would earn them tag team gold two days after the big dance.

Since then, the relationship between the two has read more like an episode of "As the World Turns!" Who can forget the emotional night when Kane rejected his evil brother, and showed what friendship was all about, embracing X-Pac in the entranceway? Or the night in Chicago last August when they upset the Acolytes to win their second Tag Team Title?

Unfortunately, by October, the honeymoon was over. X-Pac had revisited his DX roots, and Kane didn't fit into the picture.

This began one of the greatest feuds in World Wrestling Federation history.

X-Pac and Kane have now fought on five consecutive Pay-Per-Views -- and WrestleMania would make six. Think about it. In October, the two were in a four-way match with Faarooq and Bradshaw, a match which X-Pac won, defeating Kane along the way. The two met one-on-one at November's Survivor Series in an inconclusive match, and then Kane beat X-Pac inside a cage at December's Armageddon. Last month at the Royal Rumble, Kane eliminated X-Pac, but since the ref didn't see it, X-Pac was able to return and eliminate the Big Red Machine. And then Sunday night, X-Pac upset Kane in the no holds barred street fight.

Why not make it six in a row?

Tori, Paul Bearer, the Undertaker and the rest of DX have been supporting players in the X-Pac and Kane story since Day 1 -- but the emotion in the feud is clearly centered between the Big Red Machine and the Little Green Machine.

X-Pac and Kane have been a big part of each other's lives for a year now, and have provided numerous memorable moments in that time. Tag Team Championships -- emotional wins -- brutal battles -- and the war rages on. What better place than the greatest stage of all -- WrestleMania -- for this feud to culminate?

I don't know if it will happen, but I sure hope it does. You can cut the tension between these two with a knife, and I for one would love to see this epic battle come to a head at the biggest spectacle of all, WrestleMania.