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KANE appears at Judgment Day
by Matt Duda

His torn biceps may keep Kane out of the ring for two or three more months, but the Big Red Machine isn't about to pass on watching Judgment Day.

The Big Red Machine filtered through the backstage area Sunday shortly before the doors opened at the Gaylord Entertainment Center.

"I just wanted to say hello to everybody, stop by and see some people just so everybody remembers what my face looks like," Kane told

Kane recently underwent surgery to repair his torn muscle and now bears a few scars and an elaborate brace on his right arm. Although he could bend his arm with relative ease, he still must work to regain a full range of motion and can not lift significant amounts of weight.

On Sunday, he was all smiles as virtually every superstar and WWE staff member in Nashville made it a point to stop and inquire about his status.

"I'm thinking about just putting a sign around my neck," he joked.

But so far, frustration has not dampened Kane's spirits.

"The way I look at it, everyday I'm one step closer to being back," he said. "It's like the closer you get, the longer the day becomes. The number of days decreases, but the time seems like it increases. I've been fortunate enough that this is really the first serious injury I've ever had. I've overcome every other one I've ever had."

While some superstars find watching WWE shows frustrating while laid up with an injury, the former WWE Champion asserted that he hasn't felt upset at all.

"It's hard sometimes. I've been there before and I understand that point of view. Right now, I'm watching as an interested spectator. The closer and closer I get to being back, I'll be watching from a different perspective, wondering how things affect me and what I might be able to do when I get back."

In fact, Kane said he is eager to see how Judgment Day plays out. Of particular interest to him are the Hell in a Cell Match between Y2J and Triple H, and the WWE Undisputed Championship showdown with Hollywood Hulk Hogan facing the Undertaker.

"Of course, I always love watching the Undertaker work. It will be interesting to see how that turns out because the Undertaker is a very different character than he was in 1991 and 1992 (the last time Taker faced Hogan). The Hell in a Cell Match is always very intense, very physical and grueling. Every Pay-Per-View we have is stacked. But those are the two matches I'm really looking forward to."