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KANE Interview on ByteThis! Friday, May 17th, 2002

Any time KANE is on any particular show, I'm sure to be there to see and hear him. I was particularly anticipatory toward THIS show, because it's the first time in over five weeks that we've heard anything from the Big Man himself. It was a deeply appreciated treat to hear him - hear for ourselves the definite positive attitude he carries through all of this. I'm telling you, he seemed much more relaxed and at ease talking and inteacting in this interview.

4:38PM KANE!!!!!!

Kevin Kelly welcomes KANE to the show (- KANE sounds GREAT!!! He actually sounded in GREAT spirits).

Kevin wastes no time getting to the heart of the question many have been asking - What actually happened? KANE says he was in a gym training, shoulder shrugging a little over 400 pounds, when on the last couple of reps, he heard a sound "like you stepped on a bag of potato chips . . ." (I didn't know KANE even knew what potato chips were! LOL) and felt a sting in his elbow. He apparently tore the long head of his biceps and had surgery to repair it, performed by Dr. Andrews, noted orthopedic surgeon in Birmingham, AL.

KANE credits Dr. Andrews, noting that he's probably the best in sports medicine. Kevin indicates that KANE, even though feeling nervous and in some pain, must have felt better knowing he was in good hands. KANE avers the truth of that.

KANE goes on to say that now he feels that every day he's one day closer to coming back - one day closer to walking through an arena door, walking down the aisle and getting back into the ring. Kevin says that's something everyone is waiting for, because KANE was really setting the stage for remarkable character growth just before the injury.

KANE agrees that we're definitely seeing new things out of him and that the timing of the injury was unfortunate - but says "We'll make the best of it."

Dr. Tom asks him about the Kanenites, and KANE give a little of their history - says they've been around for about 3000 years or so, but he just changed the spelling of it a little :D .

Kevin then asks KANE if he at any time since the injury thought of "hanging it up". Immediately, with HEAVY emphasis, KANE states "ABSOLUTELY not!" He tells us he's been lucky - as this is the first injury he's had that had him down for any significant period of time. He feels he's been fortunate and way ahead of the game. As for hanging it up, that's "still over the horizon" (YIPEEE!)

Asked his opinion of the Brand Extension, KANE says he thinks it's a tremendous thing - more TV exposure for more individuals, including young people (like he's THAT old!!!) we haven't even heard of. He jokes that the company changed it's name while he'd been gone only a couple of weeks - and laughs. (It feels good to see/hear him laugh and in high spirits!!!)

Kevin broaches the issue of physical activity for KANE and where or not he's begun to get 'stir-crazy'. (ROFLOL!!!) KANE replies that he has started to work out on his left side, and eventually will be at home training and eating like he wants, to come back to us in better shape than he's ever been in. (I have NO idea how one improves upon perfection - but if anyone COULD it would be KANE!!!!) He says anyone who knows him, knows that's true . . . and anyone that bets against it doesn't know what they're talking about (YEAH! Tell'em KANE!)

Kevin turns the talk to the up coming Judgment Day PPV, the Hell In The Cell match specifically, and asks for KANE perspective on the Mick Foley/UT HITC match of 1998. KANE gives credit to that match changing the course of not only Mick and 'Taker's careers, but the entire industry.

Kevin agrees, and starts to wrap up the interview, telling KANE we look forward to seeing him back really soon, then asking if KANE has a timetable in mind. KANE ventures two months, maybe three. Kevin says time can't go fast enough for all the Kanenites who look forward to his return (WHAT an understatement!!! Ever watch a starfish move three feet???) and thanks him for his time, inviting him back to talk again soon. KANE bids Kevin and the Doc adieu. 4:50PM

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I'd like to be able to thank KANE for caring enough about his fans to take time and let us know what happened, how he's really feeling, what his rehab looks like, and some time reference on when we'll be seeing him again. I echo Kevin Kelly in reiterating, his return won't be soon enough.