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WWE (RAW brand) live in Moncton 11/03/2002
Venue : The Moncton Coliseum, Moncton, Bew Brunswick, Canada
Kane vs Test
Unfortenately, Stacy Keibler wasn't with her boyfriend here tonight but Test still ripped up on all of his "fans". Kane came out to a HUGE pop and delivered an impressive performance with power moves that were unheard of. There were a lot of false finishes in this and Kane even kicked out of the big boot while Test kicked out of the chokeslam [?!]. Anyways, the match ended when Test ran directly into a tombstone piledriver! Kane let him fall slowly but it was nice to see Kane win a match with a move besides the chokeslam. This match was billed as the main event but for some reason, it was used here. Winner: Kane (Jason LeBlanc,

Test gets on the mic and mentions his "fans", people just laughed at him. He got a lot of "horse face" chants from me lol. Kane comes out to a HUGE pop! This match looked to me as if they were goofing off, there were times where they were laughing during the match. Kane wins by a tombstone!! Winner: Kane (Jason LeBlanc, JH

WWE (RAW brand) live in Halifax 11/02/2002
Venue : Halifax Forum, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Kane vs. Test w/Stacey Keibler
Kane battled Test in a tough workover on BOTH grapplers parts. Kane won clean via TOMBSTONE!! Mostly power moves applied by the wrestlers, culminating in Test hitting his Big Boot and Kane hitting his Chokeslam. Stacy put Test's foot on the rope to break the count, then Kane nailed a huge Tombstone Piledriver (!!) for the victory. Kane even took the opportunity to give Stacey a swat on the derierre! Talk about breakin' out in attitude!!!

WWE (RAW brand) live in Springfield 11/01/2002
Venue : Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, Massachusettes
World Heavyweight Title Match Triple H vs. Kane
Triple H came down to no music but the crowd was all over him. He got in the ring and grabbed the mic and started ripping on the Springfield Civic Center saying that we were cheap and can't get a good PA system. He hates Springfield, its full of hicks. Then he spotted a fake Kane and he said "Lose some weight fatty." Then the fake Kane fell down from the chair and broke the chair and then Triple H says "Look, you broke the chair Fatty!" Very funny.

He ripped on Springfield some more and then he said that he wants Kane to come out so he came kick the crap out of the big red machine. Kane comes down to no music as well and goes right after HHH. Overall it was a good match. The ending saw Kane hit HHH with a chair while the ref was looking at him so the ref called for the bell.Winner By DQ: Triple H

After: Kane was still beating on HHH - He gave him a chokeslam and a TOMBSTONE!!!!!! Then Tommy Dreamer, Christopher Nowinski, Johnny Stamboli, Rico, and Justin Credible, came down to break it up while Batista came down and helped HHH to the back. Kane chokeslamed em all and posed for a while and then he left. A GREAT ending. (William Martinez,