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WWE (RAW brand) live in Toledo 10/27/2002
Venue: The Landon Arena , Toledo, Ohio
World Heavyweight Title Match Triple H vs. Kane
Earl Hebner enters to a nice cheer. The Game enters to a mix of boos and cheers. He called Toledo a dump and wanted the crowd to go back to their mobile homes after he finishes off Kane.

Kane enters to nice pop and they brawl outside for 5 min before bell rings. Nice match and Kane knocks out Hebner which allows HHH to low blow Kane, Kane uses chair to take out the game and is DQed. Jindrak, Stromboli, Credible, Richards,Reddogg enter and Kane cleans them all out.

Postmatch...Kane gives everyone a choke slam, must've been like 7-8 in a row. He leaves to a nice pop!( Mike Sopher )

WWE (RAW brand) live in Witchita 10/26/2002
Venue: The Kansas Colisuem , Witchita, Kansas
World Heavyweight Title Match Triple H vs. Kane
Analysis/Highlights: Crowd was full to about halfway up the arena tonight. Consistent with the previous house show they held in Wichita. Good crowd reactions to everything. Biggest pops were for RVD, Triple H, and Kane.

Hebner comes out for the World Heavyweight Title match to a good pop.

Triple H did his water shtick (he tossed the bottle about four rows behind us) then got on the mic to say how he doesn't need our applause. Big boo. Then he said that it's no surprise that Wichita likes Kane because most of the women here look dead anyway. Bigger boo. He makes obligatory trailer-park comment. Bigger boo.

Kane comes out and the battle starts out in the entrance way. The fight their way back up to the path to the curtain for a while, then work their way back to the ring. Triple H throws Kane in, climbs in, gets him in a pin position, then the bell rings to START the match, and Hebner counts two before Kane gets up. Good work by these two. Some vicious bumps with the guardrails by both parties.

At one point, Hebner tries to get Kane to let HHH out of the corner. Kane shoves him down (typical Hebner bump). Another ref comes out and starts yelling at Kane about shoving refs. He gets shoved through the ropes and onto the floor. A third ref comes out and Kane just looks at him and sends him scampering out of the ring.

Eventually, HHH throws a chair into the ring, and eventually, Kane uses it on him and gets DQ'd. He works over HHH some more until the refs come in and gang up on him. He throws the refs off of him, and a bunch of the nights earlier jobbers come out to help HHH. He chokeslams all of them except for Batista, who pulled HHH out of the ring and helped him backstage. As the refs, Redd Dogg, and Steven Richards were limping off together, Richards was visibly cracking up. The last one to get chokeslammed was Jericho, who ran in wearing the [rubber] mask [not Kane's] that Jeff had on earlier.

All said, it topped all our expectations for a house show. There was significantly more mic time than the last house show, but not so much that it became tedious. The performers went out of their way not just to wrestle well, but to make things fun and funny for the crowd. We were thoroughly impressed with this house show. Grade: A-

Match results: Jindrak/Stamboli over Richards/Credible, Dreamer over Rico, Batista over Redd Dogg, Jericho/Christian over Bubba/J. Hardy, RVD over Test, Molly/Victoria over Trish/Jackie, D'Lo over Raven, Storm/Regal over Spike/Hurricane, HHH over Kane, Kane over refs, Credible, Richards, Stamboli, Jindrak, and Jericho. ( Cory and Veronica Laflin)

WWE (RAW brand) live in Topeka 10/25/2002
Venue: The Landon Arena , Topeka, Kansas
World Heavyweight Title Match Triple H vs. Kane
Probably was my personal favorite match of the evening. Most people seemed surprised that it was on so early in the card. HHH was hilarious in running down Kansas. He said something to the effects of, "I can't believe they made me wrestle in th.....where the hell are we at again? TOPEKA? I can't believe they tell me I have to wrestle in this crappy little dump" (or something like that). He then goes on to mention that Kane would probably enjoy the women of Topeka as they all look dead to him.

Kane came out and they fought on the floor for awhile before making their way over to the cheap seats for about five minutes or so (it seemed long anyways). They eventually made their way to the ring and the match finally officially started.

The finish came after HHH brought a chair into the ring. Kane was disqualified after attacking several officials before using the chair on HHH. Kane even got a tombstone on him. Several wrestlers (Richards, Justin Credible, Jindrak, Red Dogg and Johnny the Bull) ran in an attempt to restrain Kane from doing any more damage to HHH. Kane made short work of them all, before chasing HHH to the back.

All in all it was a fun little card and well worth the money. Plenty of star power, hot chicks and hard work all around makes this an easy thumbs up. It probably didn't hurt that we had great seats too. ( Matt Jackson )

WWE (RAW brand) live in Texarkana 10/19/2002
Venue: The Four States Fairgrounds, Texarkana, Arkansas
Test vs. Kane
Test's new shorts nearly killed my sister, and Kane got the second-biggest pop of the night. This was probably the worst executed match of the night, but keep in mind it was only due to TWO blown spots, which the majority of the audience probably didn't even seen unless they were right there on the floor. Kane won with the Tombstone, of all things. ( Mysty Glyttyr, reader )

WWE (RAW brand) live in Buffalo 10/13/2002
Venue : HSBC Arena, Buffalo, New York
Interpromotional Intercontinental Championship Kane vs. Kurt Angle
Match of the night. Before the match Fink announced Stephanie McMahon, to the surprise of nearly everybody! Stephanie accompanied Kurt to the ring playing the heel, saying Raw sucked and claiming Kurt Angle would take the Intercontinental Championship back to SmackDown!. Kurt really busted his butt, and for that matter so did Kane. Kurt broke out his top rope overhead belly to belly suplex and put on the best performance of the night. Fans popped huge for Kane attempting to choke slam Stephanie. Angle attacked Kane befor ehe could do the deed, and Kane worked to win clean in the middle via his chokeslam. (

WWE (RAW brand) live in Rochester 10/12/2002
Venue : Blue Cross Arena, Rochester , New York
Interpromotional Intercontinental Championship Kane vs. Kurt Angle
Say what you will about Angle's favor with the crowd; the guy never has a bad match. He and Kane put on a great match. Kane of course won. No mention to Murder angle. (

Kane defended the IC Title successfully against Kurt Angle - Before the match Angle got on the mic and insulted the crowd and the city of Rochester. Kane got a big pop, and this was a pretty good match. Angle looked good. Ended on a Kane choke slam and pin. (

WWE (RAW brand) live in Utica 10/11/2002
Venue : Utica Memorial Auditorium, Utica , New York
Intercontinental Championship Kane vs. Test
Hey guys, just got back from the Utica house show. 5 years since the last time they were here. Show was ok, not great but what can you do... it's RAW. First thing when I got there was meeting Kane who was signing autographs. I said to him that he ruled but the writing sucked. He just kinda laughed and smirked but I know he agrees. We got to our seats and got the "Fink shpiel" about lazer pens, etc...

Intercontinental title match, Kane successfully defended his "Intercontinental Championship" over Test, best match of the night, imo, Kane wins after a ton of false finishes with the Tombstone. Test's big boot... long 2 count, Kane chokeslam, long 2 count... The finish comes with a Tombstone!! Awesome! Kane received a nice ovation despite being accused of murder just four nights earlier. Glad to have seen an IC title match while I still can too. (J Sig,

WWE (RAW brand) live in Reno 10/06/2002
Venue : Lawlor Events Center, Reno , Nevada
Tag Team Championship Kane & Hurricane vs. Rosey & Jamal w/ Rico
Kane Hurricane Jamal Rosey W Rico Tag Titles Pretty Much Kane And Hurricane win with Chokeslam afterward Rico Gets Chokeslammed By The Hurricane (

WWE (RAW brand) live in Sacramento 10/05/2002
Venue : Arco Arena, Sacramento , California
Tag Team Championship Kane & Hurricane vs. Rosey & Jamal w/ Rico
Good old fashioned hard word, AWESOME team work on BOTH sides, with doses of hilarity sprinkled throughout made this the match of the night. The Hurri-KANE team kept their titles after Kane hit the Chokeslam on Jamal. (Flaco)

WWE (RAW brand) live in Boise 10/04/2002
Venue : Bank of America Centre, Boise , Idaho
Tag Team Championship Kane & Hurricane vs. Rosey & Jamal
Like Jim Ross said, this show was almost a sellout, not very many open seats, and a lot of people standing around as well, HHH remarked that there was 6,000 strong, which is a lot for that small of an arena!!!! Howard Finkel was awesome as the announcer, and I didn't expect him to be the announcer. Anyway, The official card from the website was very off!!!!!

Great match, back and forth throughout Kane was out of the match for most of it!!!!! But in the end they went for the double chokeslam to which Kane hit and Jamal got out of!!!! At one point Rico ran around and hit Kane, and ran back and started Hugging Rosey, which was hilarious. Kane hit his big off the top rope spot which got a huge crowd response. Then Kane threw Hurricane off the top rope onto him, very good team work!!!!! They won the match after Rico accidently hit Rosey with a super kick and Kane chokeslammed Jamal. After the match Hurricane chokeslammed Rico to a huge pop!!!! Hurricane was WAY over!!!! (Matt Hartgrave,