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WWE (RAW brand) live in Beaumont 09/29/2002
Venue : Montagne Center, Beaumont , Texas
Tag Team Championship The Hurricane & Kane vs. Christian & Lance Storm
Hurricane and Christian start us off as they pose, but as Christian turns around to face the "You SUCK" chants, Hurricane tags in Kane and Christian is scared when he turns back around. LOTS of action which Kane dominates. Hurricane goes for a Dual Chokeslam but gets a superkick. Kane with a Flying Clothesline and Hurricane with a neckbreaker from the top rope (Buff Blockbuster),. then a Stereo Chokeslam make the winners Hurricane & Kane (Edge321,

WWE (RAW brand) live in West Palm Beach 09/28/2002
Venue : South Florida Expo Center, West Palm Beach , Florida
Tag Team Championship Match Kane & Hurricane vs. Christian & Lance Storm
Kane & The Hurricane defeated Christian & Lance Storm to retain the WWE tag team titles when Kane chokeslammed Christian and the Hurricane chokeslammed Storm at the same time.

As was the case when Test wrestled, Christian and Lance Storm had their Un-American t-shirts on but they were not carrying the American flag with them. The crowd yelled "USA" for the majority of this match. Kane and Christian started the match and there was a lot of posing and trash talking taking place at first. Christian's poses and facial expressions were hilarious and priceless. When Kane got tagged in Christian got really scared and he tried to scare Kane off by flexing his muscles. That made Hurricane laugh and he fell of the apron laughing. That got a pretty good pop too.

In any event, Kane connected on a clothesline and military pressed Christian. Hurricane tagged in and he hit Christian with a swinging neckbreaker. Then, the momentum shifted and Christian & Storm worked on the Hurricane for quite a while. Storm hit a modified chicken wing hold on the Hurricane. Then, the Hurricane was able to hit Storm with a neckbreaker, enabling him to tag Kane into the match. Kane cleared house with boots to Storm and Christian. After Kane powerslammed Christian, Kane hit Christian with his finishing chokeslam. At the same time, the Hurricane hit his clothesline on Storm and both men got the pinfall win over the Un-Americans. Great match.

Kane & The Hurricane make a unique but impressive tag team. Here's hoping that they can keep the titles for a while because they are fun to watch as a unit.
credit: Omar Oquendo, Pro Wrestling Torch correspondent

credit: Max Hartmann of

WWE (SmackDown! brand) live in San Jose 09/21/2002
Venue : Compaq Center at San Jose, San Jose , California
WWE Championship Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Kane
Brock Lesnar beat Kane via DQ when the ref saw Kane use a chair. They protected each other far more than on TV with the chair shots. They went more than 15:00. Crowd doesn't know how to take Lesnar. They are in awe of him, but don't want to boo him. Luckily Paul Heyman came out a day early this week. He insulted San Jose saying how Minneapolis and New York are so much better. He got real heat for saying that, but luckily he didn't bring up a weather comparison. As world title bouts go that I've seen, this would be in the bottom 10% for heat except what was generated by Paul, and for the last two minutes, after Kane kicked out of the first chair shot and they did near falls and crowd was into the finish. Hated the finish, I mean bad, but were into it - Heyman tossed in a steel chair for Brock to use, then distracted the ref while Lesnar clobbers Kane - TWICE! Kane chokeslamms Lesnar then gives HIM a whack with the chair - and of course the ref turns around in time to see THAT - DQ bell is called on Kane. credit: Dave Meltzer of

After match Kane gives Heymen a chokeslam. Both men are laid out on the mat even after Kane has left the ring for 2-3minutes. No duh, we had to watch them do nothing. Once they got up Kane's pyro went off and scared the BAJEEBERS out of Heymen and Lesnar - Lesnar looked like he was waiting for Kane to come back out. credit: Mark Reno,

WWE (RAW brand) live in Laramie 09/15/2002
Venue : University of Wyoming Arena, Laramie , Wyoming
World Heavyweight Championship Triple H vs. Kane
I died seeing Triple H live, so close! Kane literally scared the hell out of me..Very. Well..HHH blabs before the match, saying how STL is great, then thinks, and says it sucks. Kane comes out..yada..Good part. Earl Hebner counts a two, HHH gets pissed, and pushes Earl, Earl pushes back at HHH, HHH pushes Earl into the ropes, Earl comes back with a great pish! Sending HHH down! HHH, being the pansy heel that he is.. Crawled to the turnbuckle, and begged for the ref not to hurt him..Damn. Oh well, ref knocked out awhile later, HHH lowblow, gets a pinfall..Kane pissed after, chokeslam! Kane leaves, some fan starts to chant something that I can't even understand, HHH gets mad, we all just laugh for no good reason. (Michelle, )

-HHH won by holding Kane's tights, but Kane walked away with a chokeslam after the match. (Steve T., )

hhh beat kane by pedigree but after match kane got up chokeslamed him and walked to back by shaking fans hands&after that some guy in 1 row said hhh you got your butt kicked by kane & hhh got on mic and said you know what chubby your lucky its not my day to kick butt or you would be a marked man. (Nick, )

WWE (RAW brand) live in Casper 09/14/2002
Venue : Casper Events Center, Casper , Wyoming
World Heavyweight Championship Triple H vs. Kane
Only entertaining part was pre-match. Triple H says nobody wanted to come here. He did. He wanted to show the ladies what a real man looked like. He also says to the guys ints okay to herd buffalo for a job, but don't bring them to the arena. Some poor girl in the front (who had Triple H signs) then right before the match is told by Triple H that she is the "elusive white buffalo." He got flipped off. The match sucked. Too many restholds and not much action. Triple H wins by smacking Kane with a chair. Kane chokeslams Triple H after the match. Triple H reminds us he is okay and still the champ.
credit: TimmerGS of

WWE (RAW brand) live in St. Louis 09/13/2002
Venue : Savvis Center, St. Louis , Missouri
World Heavyweight Championship Triple H vs. Kane
Lillian asks the crowd to make some noise if they want to see the main event. The crowd roars, then Triple H comes out. He talks about how a woman on the plane asked what he liked about St. Louis, and after some thought, he decides the only reason he's there is so that we could see the greatest performer the world has to offer wrestle. A fan at ringside jeers him, and Triple H tells the "homie to go back to the hood that he came from" and another fan that their "trailer home probably isn't too far from here." Then Kane comes out. Lots of punches, shoves, the usual trademark spots from both guys (but no Pedigree). Triple H finally gets the pin after a ref bump and a chair. After the match, Triple H celebrated, but Kane got up. Trip backed into him, then got a Choke Slam. Kane did his corner pyro then walked out. Triple H got up a little bit later, and Lillian let the same fan that Triple H called a homie yell "Kane kicked your BUTT!" into the microphone. Triple H told him it was his lucky day because he couldn't beat up homies today. Trip went to the back to end the show.
credit: Bill & Elada Wears of

WWE (SmackDown! brand) live in Dallas 09/01/2002
Venue : American Airlines Center, Dallas , Texas
Interpromotional Match Kane vs. Bull Buchanan
Bull got nothing whatsoever, I think everyone forgot who he was. Kane got probably the second loudest pop of the night, with Rey being third. Lots of right's and left's in this match and it ended with Kane catching Bull and delivering the chokeslam from hell.

Afterwards, Eric Bischoff came to the ring and told everyone Kane was the reason to watch RAW and bragged about him some more. Stephanie and her screeching voice made their way to the ring. They were going back and forth about which brand was better and Bischoff said he had something for Stephanie and planted her with a kiss and she slapped the taste right out of his mouth with Kane just watching. Bischoff ordered Kane to give Stephanie the chokeslam and Kane was about to until Bischoff called Kane a freak. He then gave Bischoff the chokeslam to a loud pop and did his whole pyro deal!
credit: TXJDawg of

WWE (SmackDown! brand) live in Corpus Christi 08/31/2002
Venue : Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi , Texas
Interpromotional Match Kane vs. Bull Buchanan
KANE's reception was phenominal! It's great to see Bull back! Anyway, Kane comes out to a lot of pops and he pretty much dominates the match with Bull getting in several key offensive moves. The match was WELL wrestled with a great deal of action from both men. Bull even jumped from the top ropes which really impressed me. Of course Kane won, and I kept chanting "Kane-eroni" but he didn't do anything of that sort. Most people didn't recognize Bull but once he started leaving the ring early on, he immediately got heel chants for being a chicken. (Hector Zamarripa,