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World Wrestling Federation live in Abilene 04/14/2002
Venue : Taylor County Coliseum, Abilene , Texas
Kane vs. X-Pac (Kane was injured during a morning work-out and did not make it to this event)

World Wrestling Federation live in Odessa 04/13/2002
Venue : Ector County Coliseum, Odessa , Texas
Kane vs. X-Pac
"Kane squashed (I'm not kidding) X-Pac with a chokeslam. It started in the aisle as X-Pac heading to the ring only to be attacked behind by Kane.

They went to the locker room leaving the fans with nothing except Howard Finkel in the ring. They came back out with Kane carrying X-Pac on his shoulder.

The only offense X-Pac got was a spin heel kick and the X-Factor. After the match, X-Pac got on the mic and said, 'I'm not coming back here ever again!' A fun squash." (

"X-Pac came out to the arena with Kanes mask and was slapping the mask. Kane came up from behind with some sort of cloth on him and nailed X-Pac. They went to the back where they were 'fighting'.

When they came back out Kane, now with his mask on, took X-Pac to the ring. X-Pac was totally dominated and Kane chokeslammed him and won. Winner: Kane via pinfall." ( Kicker Sharp, ).

World Wrestling Federation live in Amarillo 04/12/2002
Venue : Amarillo Civic Center, Amarillo , Texas
Kane vs. X-Pac
Kane jumped X-Pac in the entryway. Entire crowd was on it's feet when the big man brought X-Pac back to the ring. It really wasn't much of a match at all...

Kane squashed X-Pac like a bug beneath his boot. He kicked out of the X-Factor and applied a chokeslam for the victory. Afterwards, I thought he was about to take off his mask for a few moments, but he was only adjusting the straps (or something). Even bigger pop when the lights turned red, but we didn't get to see any pyro-boom. : (  (David Atkins

World Wrestling Federation live in Denver 04/07/2002
Venue : Denver Coliseum, Denver , Colorado
Scott Hall & X-Pac vs. Kane & Bradshaw
Was supposed to be Kevin Nash, but he is hurt, so Scott Hall is here. They got the biggest heat of the night, usual X-Pac sucks chants the whole match.

Kane hit a chokeslam on X-Pac, but then somehow gets thrown outside, but Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from hell, but Brock Lesnar comes running out of the crowd, hitting a big spinebuster on Bradshaw. Lesnar put Scott Hall on Bradshaw for the pin giving the win to Scott Hall & X-Pac. 

Before this match Haward Finkel said that Ric Flair faxed the Denver Colesium and said that the match was a non disqualification match. Haha yeah sure he did. (

World Wrestling Federation live in Salt Lake City 04/06/2002
Venue : E Center, Salt Lake City , Utah
Scott Hall & X-Pac vs. Kane & Bradshaw (Ended up being X-Pac vs. KANE)
Another match made because of the absence of Scott Hall. Wow we have lot of nWo fans in Utah. X-pac jumped Kane as he was about to light the poles on fire. X-Pac hit a couple of good spinning heel kicks, but was quickly overpowered by Kane. X-Pac at one point tried the bronco buster but was caught by the throat. X-Pac countered with the X-Factor, but Kane managed to kick out. Kane nailed his chokeslam for the victory. (

The only other thing I saw was that KANE was numbered among those that received the highest "pops" of the night. I get goosebumps just imagining hearing and seeing fan reaction to KANE!!!!!

World Wrestling Federation live in Reading 04/02/2002
Venue : Sovereign Center, Reading , Pennsylvania
One Fall to a Finish Stone Cold Steve Austin & Kane vs. Undertaker & Booker T
Out comes Earl Hebner for our main event. Hebner climbs the ropes and receives his applause. Booker T comes out first and gets some heat. Then Undertaker comes out to a good pop for a heel. The Big Red Machine KANE comes out next. Finally Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out last for his first match since Wrestlemania. Austin gets a huge pop as everyone starts to What? and chant Austin.

The Arena is the loudest it's been the whole night and the loudest that I've ever heard the Sovereign Center be. The floors are even shaking and the crowd is into this match.

Austin starts out fast against Booker T. Stone Cold hits some clotheslines, body slams, and the Lou Thesz Press. Austin goes off the ropes and drops the elbow 1-2-kickout. Austin tags in KANE who delivers some uppercuts. Booker hits a spin kick on Kane 1-2-kickout. KANE tags Austin back in and he slams Booker into KANE's boot. Booker hits a side kick on Austin and tags Taker. Undertaker elbows Austin and hits a clothesline. Taker drops some elbows and hits snake eyes on Austin in the corner. Taker then delivers a big boot 1-2-kickout.

Austin is able to get Taker down and tags KANE. Undertaker backs off and makes Booker tag in!! KANE works over Booker and tags Austin. Stone Cold whips Booker off the ropes and hits the spine buster 1-2-shoulder up. Booker eventually is able to tag in Taker. Austin delivers some boots to the Taker in one corner and right hands to him in another. The fans start the What? chant.

Austin tags in KANE and these two finally hook up. Taker grounds KANE, but the fans answer with more what? chants. KANE gets up and connects with a back suplex. Both men off the ropes and double clothesline. Both men down. Tag to Booker. Tag to Austin. Austin takes it to Booker T and the Undertaker enters. Austin clotheslines the Taker over the top. Booker T lands a kick on Austin and does the spinaroonie. Booker T with a kick to Austin and goes for an ax kick. Stone Cold moves and drops Booker with a stunner. No cover, but Austin tags in KANE.

KANE goes to the top and hit the flying clothesline on Booker T. KANE covers 1-2-Undertaker breaks up the 3. Austin comes in and hits the Undertaker with a stunner. Booker T is up and wobbly. He turns around and KANE grabs him by the throat. Chokeslam by Kane 1-2-3.

Austin starts to celebrate as KANE tries to leave, but Austin calls him back. Austin calls for some beer for celebration. KANE grabs a mic and asks Austin if he wants him to drink a beer, What? A cold one, What? A Brewski, What? A Steveweiser, What? A drink with Steve Austin, What?

Austin grabs the mic and says If you want KANE to have a drink with Stone Cold Steve Austin give me a Hell Yeah. The Crowd gives a hell yeah. Austin calls for more beer and distributes among KANE and Hebner. Austin, KANE, and Hebner each climb the turnbuckles and drink their beers. Austin then toasts the crowd on every turnbuckle. I even got some on my Head! Overall a good show with a strong ending. (

World Wrestling Federation live in Jacksonville 03/28/2002
Venue : Jacksonville Coliseum, Jacksonville , Florida
One Fall to a Finish Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Same finish as Wednesday, with a big boot by Kane. Angle gets back up and pushes the referee. The referee pushes Angle back, right into Kane, tombstone this time, 1-2-3, Kane wins and leaves.

Angle gets on the mic, and calls Kane back out. He wishes Kane the "best of luck, no hard feelings" with the WWF split coming up (after the draft). They shake hands. Angle attacks Kane as he's leaving. Chokeslam on Angle by Kane. Jericho rushes into the ring! Chokeslam on Jericho by Kane! Jericho exits. Kane says, "Hey Kurt, no hard feelings, OK?" Crowd pops! Angle questions the fans at ringside, getting heat from kids and others. (

World Wrestling Federation live in Gainesville 03/27/2002
Venue : O'Connell Center @ University of Florida, Gainesville , Florida
One Fall to a Finish Kurt Angle vs. Kane
Hey, I just got back from the house show that was held here at the greatO'Connell Center in Gainesville, FL on March 27, 2002. FINALLY!! After 11years, the WWF returns to the O'Connell center!!!

Angle came down to "You suck" chants to which he replied simply, "I don't suck!" Laughter all around. Kane came down and everyone around me was waiting for his ringpost pyros but the didn't go off. The match began pretty regularly. Kane knock Angle down and went for his flying leap move, but Angle grabbed his arm while he was still on the post. Somehow this got screwed up badly. I'm assuming Angle was trying to throw Kane over him, but Kane landed ON him. I really thought for a moment that Angle was hurt, but he fought the rest of the match seemingly ok. Angle spent most of the match working on Kane's legs but in the end Kane finally got the chokeslam for the win. Then the pyros went off! Damn I feel the heat!

Kane left and Angle was still in the ring. Slowly he got up and grabbed a mike. He told us not to worry. Our Olympic hero was ok. He wasn't hurt. Laughter. He then started dissing Gainesville and Florida and everything similar. He noticed a fan yelling at him and jumped down to the barrier. He then asked a little kid about what he did and how he did nothing like everyone else in the arena. He then asked him how he was. The kid shouted "what"! The crowd went nuts. Angle asked him again and again, but the kids kept saying what. Finally Angle gave up and started talking to this other kid, who looked about 12 or 13. The kid evidentally said that he liked Angle and said that that was how it was supposed to be. He then asked him another question to which the kid replied, "What's up, muthaaaa?" The crowed went absolutely nuts. People were cheering and laughing and everything. Angle looked upset and then asked the kid, "How dare you disrespect an Olympic Hero but saying to him, what's up mother?!" Angle evidently learned his lesson and left. And that was the end of the show. (