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World Wrestling Federation live in Manchester 02/24/2002
Venue : Verizon Wireless Center, Manchester , New Hampshire
Kane vs. Test
This was the WWF's first show at the new Verision Wireless Arena and the first wrestling event in Manchester since Vince Sr. was in charge. Long lines to get in as security was tight. People were still outside when the show began with some air bursts and loud music at 1:30.

Test got no reaction. Kane got a huge face pop. Decent match. After a messed up Pump-Handle Slam thing by Test, Kane wins with a TOMBSTONE!!!!! Yes! (Attic a reader)

World Wrestling Federation live in Buffalo 02/23/2002
Venue : HSBC Arena, Buffalo , New York
Kane vs. Test
Somewhat short match. Test hits all of his signature moves on Kane . . . the big boot (which missed quite clearly), the pump handle slam, and an impressive flying elbow from the top rope . . . but couldn't get the 3 count on Kane. Test went out and grabbed a chair, while the ref tried to get it away, Test pushed him out of the ring. Kane ducked another Big Boot and hit the Chokeslam but the ref was still out of the ring. Angle ran in from the back, gave Kane an Olympic Slam. Test gives Kane the big boot (again, missing very visibly), and gets the pin. (

World Wrestling Federation live in Green Bay 02/16/2002
Venue : Brown County Expo Center, Green Bay , Wisconsin
Kane vs. Big Boss Man
Boss Man was really into it. Good crowd interaction. Boss Man used the night stick a couple times. Kane won via chokeslam. (

World Wrestling Federation live in El Paso 02/10/2002
Venue : Don Haskins Center @ UTEP, El Paso , Texas
Kane vs. Big Boss Man
Good match, Kane got huge cheers! Bossman used the Stick and something to strangle Kane with. Kane hits the Chokeslam about 3 minutes in for the pin. Bossman leaves and celebrates like he won the matchwhile Kane stood in the ring while people cheered for a while. (

World Wrestling Federation live in Albuquerque 02/09/2002
Venue : The Pit, Albuquerque , New Mexico
Kane vs. Big Boss Man
Cool match up, Boss man worked the crowd into booing him more, Nick Patrick was the ref so pulling his unfairness. Kane tried to imtimadate the ref when he was beating on Boss Man so Nick left then Boss Man grabbed the night stick and started attacking Kane with it to get the upperhand for a little while, Patrick came back in but Kane kicked out of the pin. Back and forth match up, Kane got the 1-2- 3 with a chokeslam when Boss Man tried to hit him with the nightstick again . . . (

World Wrestling Federation live in Seattle 02/03/2002
Venue : KeyArena, Seattle , Washington
Kane vs. Test
Both men gave all they had to put on a great match. Cool ending with Kane countering the Pump-handle Slam into a freakin' Tombstone Pile-Driver!  I haven't seen that move be used in ages! (by GeoX6, reader )

World Wrestling Federation live in Vancouver 02/02/2002
Venue : P.N.E. Coliseum, Vancouver, B.C. , Canada
Kane vs. Test
This match started off slow but got fairly good. Both guys and referee Earl Hebner were all laughing their asses off at the beginning of the match about something, but I don't know what it is. Hot near falls near the end of the match. Test kicked out of a chokeslam, Kane kicked out of the Big Boot and a Pumphandle Slam. Test pushes Hebner over, low-blows Kane and gives him the Big Boot for a surprising victory. (