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World Wrestling Federation live in Charlottesville 01/27/2002
Venue : University Hall at UVA, Charlottesville , Virginia
Kane vs. Big Show
Big Show's headbutts looked horrendous, Kane was way more animated than in the Johnstown show. Big Show chokeslamed Kane when he was trying to do the clothesline from the top, but Kane kicked out and won with his own chokeslam . (

World Wrestling Federation live in Johnstown 01/26/2002
Venue : Cambria County War Memorial, Johnstown , Pennsylvania
Kane vs. Big Show - A "Battle of the Bulls" Match.
Note: This match was not on the original card that was posted in the box office. I suppose it was changed to reflect current storylines. A lot of back and forth with some moves only BIG men could execute. Kane won with a super slam. (The Law Wire)

World Wrestling Federation live in Houston 01/13/2002
Venue : Compaq Center, Houston , Texas
Kane vs. Boss Man
Very good house show with some very excited fans.

Billed as Kane vs Angle, this turned out to be another good HUGE man match, with Kane defeating the Boss Man via Chokeslam(The Law Wire)

World Wrestling Federation live in Lubbock 01/12/2002
Venue : United Spirit Arena, Lubbock , Texas
Kane vs. Boss Man
Really good show. The arena was only half full, but the crowd was rowdy the whole night. Many were booing when it was announced that The Undertaker will not be in attendance due to an injury.

Billed as Kane vs Angle, this turned out to be another good HUGE man match, with Kane defeating the Boss Man via Chokeslam (The Law Wire)

World Wrestling Federation live in Trenton 01/06/2002
Venue : Sovereign Bank Arena, Trenton , New Jersey
Triple H's return to the ring! Triple H & Kane vs. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle
HHH came out last and got an unbelievable pop.  Angle & Jericho started to leave, but HHH ran and got 'em.  Kane & Jericho started, nice action, Jericho slapped HHH, Kane tagged him, he came in with a spear, then beat both him & Angle in the corner at the same time with stomps. Kane back in, Jericho worked Kanes leg, starting with a chair on the outside, then Angle & Jericho made a lot of quick tags working on the leg. Kane overpowered both the Ankle lock & the Walls. HHH came in and cleaned house, Jericho tried the Pedigree on HHH, didn't work, HHH got the walls on him.  The end came with Jericho arguing with Earl, then missing the Lionsault and getting up into the Pedigree for the pin.  

HHH wasn't in too much, but he looked great while he was in there. You wouldn't believe the pop Earl got on his way out, much bigger than Jericho's, he got the least heat.  Post match, Angle came in HHH's face talking smack, Kane came up behind, HHH pointed to him, Angle turned around into a chokeslam.  HHH & Kane did the whole handshake thing that they did at the other house shows.  HHH got back on the mic and said "Despite what you've seen here tonight, I am the game, and I am BACK!" (ultimowrestling)

World Wrestling Federation live in Springfield 01/05/2002
Venue : Springfield Civic Center, Springfield , Massachusetts
Triple H's return to the ring! Triple H & Kane vs. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle
Huge pop for Triple H and after Jericho and he took turns working the mic the match got underway with Kane & Angle. Strangely, an RVD chant broke out during the match. A sloppy ending found Jericho trying to deliver the pedigree and then Triple H reversing it into the walls of Jericho. From there, Triple H caught Jericho with his finisher and scored the pin. Angle came back after the match and got in Triple H's face, Kane snuck up behind him and delivered a choke slam. In the end, after some trepidation, Kane & Triple H shook hands and walked off. (

Kane came out to a major pop - biggest pop I have personally ever heard. He walked around the ring a few times, climbed on every post and the pop just never ended. The match started with some decent wrestling between Jericho and Kane and then Angle and Kane before the first appearance of HHH came. As soon as he entered the place once again erupted and he started off with punches and forearms to both Angle and Jericho. He stayed in for a bit with Angle doing mostly alot of brawling and not too much moving. You could tell he was a bit slow still but really didn't look too off. Jericho then hit the lionsault on HHH and went for the pedigree, but HHH reversed it into the liontamer which was actually a pretty cool looking spot and the crowd again popped big time. Match continued until HHH hit the pedigree on Y2J for the pin. Good match overall. HHH then teased a fued between him and Kane calling him back out after he was on his way to the back but once he got in the ring they just shook hands and HHH posed for a good 5 or 6 minutes after this. (The Law Wire)

World Wrestling Federation live in Binghamton 01/04/2002
Venue : Broome County Arena , Binghamton , New York
Triple H's return to the ring! Triple H & Kane vs. Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle
Crowd went nuts for both teams with Triple getting the loudest pop. The crwod chanted for Triple H alot. Y2J and Triple H both worked the mic for this match. The crowd chanted Y2Gay and Angle sucks so Triple H got on the mic and asked if that meant they both swallowed. Very funny! Triple H looked emotional as the crowd was way behind him. The WWF should have had a few cameras there to capture it. I've heard bad things about house shows but this was a great show. Jericho was spilt open in the nose. We think Kane cut him open. Jericho tried for the Pedigree but Triple H turned it into the Wallz of Jericho. Triple nailed the the Pedigree on Jericho for the win. (thewrestleronline )

This was the first time the WWF had been back to Binghamton in quite some time. Actually the last time they had been there my husband, sister, and I had gone up there to find out that the show had been cancelled! The arena was sold out last night. The crowd was wild. We had great seats, right where the wrestlers come out. I waited very impatiently for the main event. The first person out was Kurt Angle. He got huge heel heat. Next out was Jericho. He got a great ovation until the crowd all at once seemed to remember he was a heel! LOL

Then came my baby! At this point I was standing on my chair! Kane got the biggest pop! The crowd went wild and I almost fell off my chair! I know everybody who has ever seen him has told me how huge he is, but until you see this man for yourself you have no idea how very huge he is! Then came HHH! The place erupted! When he got in the ring he stood there and looked around and I sware he had tears in his eyes!

Kane carried much of the match, as I knew he would, since this was HHH's first match in eight months. At one point Kane was down on the ring floor and it got kinda quiet, I can't remember if he was wrestling Jericho or Angle at that point because I was just lookin at him! Anyway, I yelled "Come on Kane!" kinda like you could hear Taker do when they were tagging, anyway after I yelled that others started yelling for him and the crowd started stomping their feet and clappin real loud! HHH looked to be in real great shape! No ring rust here at all! He even did a pedigree! Naturally Kane and HHH won!

Afterwards Kane went to shake HHH's hand, but HHH wouldn't shake Kanes hand! I thought "uh oh here we go". Kane got out of the ring in a snit and started up the ramp. HHH said "Kane we have some unfinished business, and if you have the brass you'll get yer butt back here in the ring!" Kane stormed the ring. They stood there and stared at each other. HHH extended his hand, Kane shook it! Kane went to the sides of the ring and raised his arms to the crowd, HHH stood on each corner and motioned to the crowd. Kane did his back flip thingy and left. HHH took the mic again and said "I had two broken things, a broken leg and a broken heart, tonight you fixed both!" The crowd went totally wild! It was a great show! (Embyrr)